We’ve officially kicked off 2022 at Emarsys, and much like every new year for our company, we feel a tremendous sense of excitement. As a company that values innovation, the new year is an opportunity to focus on new ways to grow, new ways to serve clients, and new ways to improve the Emarsys customer engagement platform.

But before we get too far into 2022 and the promising things to come, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the new and enhanced features we’ve added in the past year. Here are the top five product innovations we released in 2021 that our clients have been most excited to use in their day-to-day marketing. 

1. Web Push 

“The right message, on the right channel, at the right time” is a sentiment that should be top-of-mind when delivering 1:1 personalized experiences. Every channel you have is a unique way to connect with customers, and when a new channel is available to you, it means more opportunity to build relationships. 

The Web Push and Web Channel In-Session Upsell features we released in 2021 gave our clients that opportunity. 

Web Push

The Web Push feature allows you to send browser push messages as a separate channel. These push messages are received by your customers while active in their desktop or mobile browser, even if they aren’t on your website. 

Emarsys clients love this feature because they can keep customers updated with order info, company news, or other relevant information. This is an excellent way entice customers back to your website, and it’s an especially powerful channel since most customers use their web or mobile browser every day. 

In-Session Upsell – Web Channel

Sometimes customers just need a little motivation to spend more money with your brand. In-Session Upsell for Web Channel shows customers a real-time website overlay to let them know when their total cart value is close to qualifying for free shipping. This lifecycle-driving tactic helps increase customer average order value.

2. Mobile 

Compared to your website, a mobile app can offer a more streamlined, consistent brand experience for your customers. Not only are mobile apps often easier and faster to navigate, but they keep the customer focused exclusively on your brand while in the app. With that kind of captive audience, you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to engage with them in the moment. 

Our mobile-focused features we released last year allows you to connect with mobile customers and forge deeper connections. 

In-App Messaging

The In-App Messaging feature we released allows you to communicate with customers while they’re active in your mobile app. You can send them real-time contextual messages — like overlay, inline in-app, or on-event action messages — based on where and how they’re navigating the app. And since customers don’t need to opt-in to receiving messages while they’re in the app, In-App Messages are a fantastic way to continue building relationships with your mobile-first customers


Timing is everything. But sometimes the right time isn’t just about when a customer receives a message from your brand, but where they’re at when they receive it. That’s why the addition of the Geofencing feature is so beneficial to real-time 1:1 customer engagement.

Geofencing helps bridge the gap between your brand’s online and offline presence. For example, if you’re a retail brand, you could send a push notification to an active customer when they’ve entered close proximity to one of your brick-and-mortar stores. Or if you’re a travel brand, you can send a welcome message with booking details to a customer once they’ve arrived at their destination. However you choose to take advantage of the feature, geofence-based messages are a great way to build 1:1 relationships with customers through highly relevant, personalized experiences. 

Self-Service SMS and MMS Onboarding

We get it — as a marketer, you never have enough time. We’ve made it easier to set up your own SMS and MMS vendors, with faster onboarding and less dependencies from IT and Support. That way, you get up and running faster when it comes to connecting with customers through these channels. 

3. Personalization

With the Emarsys Personalization Engine, you can deliver complex, highly sophisticated 1:1 engagements. But we believe the process of creating those personalized experiences should not be complex. To make personalization easier for your team, we included Personalization Rules and Enhanced Personalization Tactics in 2021.

Configurable Personalization Rules: Personalization Rules allows you to create flexible product recommendation layouts using product catalog fields as standalone tokens. This feature supports filtering based on product catalog fields and product categories. So in addition to the powerful AI-based recommendation logic built into the Emarsys platform, you can also recommend products to customers based on your unique business-specific rules, without having to use any cumbersome scripting or custom-built solutions. 

Enhanced New-In-Stock, Back-In-Stock, and Price Drop Tactics: In order to make your marketing efforts more efficient, we’ve enhanced these popular tactics. You can now select the day, time, and specific details sent to your customers, allowing you to control the frequency and degree of personalization included in these automations, all without the need for IT teams.

4. Loyalty

Your business looks to your marketing team to help drive revenue. That’s why increasing customer growth is an important responsibility as a marketer. But sometimes the best results come from nurturing the relationships with the customers you already have so you can build lasting loyalty. Last year, we released some exciting features to help you increase customer loyalty

  • Join Loyalty (Tactic):  Let your customers know all the benefits in store for them once they become Loyalty members with your brand. This pre-built tactic encourages registrations by highlighting all the great advantages of joining your loyalty program.
  • Refer a Friend (Tactic): Customers are likely to advocate for your brand if you provide a great experience. By adding an incentive for a referral, they’ll be more than happy to invite others to shop with you. Refer a Friend allows you to provide Loyalty members with a reward incentive if they invite a friend who makes a purchase. 
  • Refer a Friend (Loyalty Wallet): Eliminate friction between customers and the ability to refer their friends. This feature is natively connected with the Loyalty Wallet, which makes it easy for customers to send referrals while they shop online or in-app.

5. Analytics

You might feel as if your marketing efforts are driving great results for the business, but how do you know for sure? The answer lies in analytics. Having the actual numbers behind how your marketing is impacting growth and revenue gives you a more complete picture of all your hard work. This past year, we released some new analytics features to help you prove the value of your marketing to your business. 

  • Revenue Analytics for Web Push: Easily track and measure the performance of Web Push so you can measure the impact of your channel-specific marketing strategies against revenue.  
  • Revenue Attribution for SMS: Use links within an SMS message to connect your campaigns to sales and gain greater insight into how your SMS marketing impacts your business’s bottom line.
  • Value Measurement: Marketing automations run in the background, which frees you up to focus on other critical tasks. But you need to know how your campaigns are driving revenue. Value Measurement helps you quickly determine whether one or more of your automated campaigns are driving revenue, so you can make the necessary adjustments to your campaigns. 

Final Thoughts

While we’re proud of the hard work our dedicated product team has put into developing new, innovative features, what we’re most proud of is the trusted partnerships we have with our clients all around the globe. 

We’ll never stop innovating for our clients. It’s what we do at Emarsys. Though it’s important to reflect on some of the products that help clients succeed, we’re excited to look ahead and further serve our clients. 

We’re just getting started in 2022, but there’s plenty more to come. Be sure to keep an eye out for new innovations to be released soon (our Spring Release 2022 is right around the corner!).

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