Hero Conversational Messaging

Conversational Messaging

Launch personalized, behavior-based text or conversational campaigns

Create conversational experiences that allow 1:1 dialogue with customers via popular messaging platforms.

Elevate business communications using personalized, two-way, conversational messaging

Channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat are frequently being adopted by brands whose customers are defaulting to conversational channels for brand engagement. Our Conversational Messaging solution allows marketers to create and edit text messages, build them into marketing automation flows, unlock unbeatable open and read rates and view revenue impact.

Strategies Tactics Capability

Deploy pre-built strategies and tactics that accelerat time to value

Real Time Dynamic Trigger Switch Flow Channel

Respond in real-time based on dynamic triggers

Analytics Measure Insight Capability

Access built-in analytics that measure campaign and revenue impact

01 Conversational Messaging Deliver Business Critical Messages 

Deliver business critical messages

Keep your customers in the loop with time-sensitive transactional messages and personalized marketing engagements delivered via the conversational channels they use daily. Automate and send everything from order and shipping confirmation, to newsletters, promotions and vouchers, to specific customer segments or based on real-time triggers.

02 Conversational Messaging Automate And Scale Campaign Creation

Automate and scale campaign creation

Take the heavy lifting out of campaign creation with our easy-to-use channel editor, messaging templates and omnichannel automation tools. Create simple or complex automated conversational campaigns and weave them into cross-channel journeys to optimize engagement.

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03 Conversational Messaging Trigger Campaign Workflows Based On Inbound Interactions

Trigger campaign workflows based on inbound interactions

Listen for specific keywords from customer conversations, then automatically add those contacts and trigger a pre-built campaign automation workflow, such as a password reset, to deliver timely, relevant communications.

04 Conversational Messaging Unlock Frictionless Two Way Conversation 

Unlock frictionless two-way conversation

Engage customers in real-time marketing conversations via interactive response choices or keyword inputs, without the need for SMS or a mobile app. Remove the friction from customer engagement and support using two-way messaging capabilities in channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber.

05 Conversational Messaging Measure And Optimize Conversational Campaigns

Measure and optimize conversational campaigns

Measure the impact of conversational channels on your business’ goals with native reporting and analytics in Emarsys Drill down to specific campaigns to view key engagement metrics and revenue impact to identify key growth opportunities and optimize ROI.

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