SAP Integrations

Explore which SAP solutions connect with the Emarsys platform to create personalized omnichannel experiences that deliver business outcomes.

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Hero Sap Integrations

Connect seamlessly with best-in-class SAP Solutions

Emarsys is the omnichannel customer engagement platform for SAP Customer Experience (CX), delivering marketing automation, real-time personalization, and campaign orchestration that drives business outcomes. Integrate deeply with other SAP CX and Business applications to connect customer data with operational insights to deliver end-to-end experiences. 

SAP Commerce Cloud

Together, SAP Commerce Cloud and Emarsys enable marketers with commerce-related data and engagement tactics across channels to convert more online and mobile browsers and turn them into repeat customers.

Explore SAP Commerce Cloud

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SAP Customer Data Platform

Understand customers holistically and access real-time customer insights to surface actionable trends, enhance audience segmentation, and power trusted, personalized engagements at every step of the journey.

Explore SAP Customer Data Platform

Sap Integrations Img 02 Sap Customerdataplatform

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Deliver relevant customer engagement while respecting data privacy and consent by acquiring, synchronizing, and orchestrating personal data more ethically, respectfully, and consistently.

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Sap Integrations Img 03 Sap Customerdatacloud

SAP Sales Cloud

Accelerate sales cycles, improve lead progression , and increase customer lifetime value while improving sales productivity by bringing sales data and processes together with marketing workflows.

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SAP NFT Management

Incorporate Web3 into your customer engagement strategy. Create, manage, and distribute NFTs, tokens, and more through a no-code, Web3 SaaS application.

Explore SAP NFT Management

Sap Integrations Sap Nft Management


Combine different data sources with the Zero-ETL database connector to make complex data accessible for use in segmentation and personalization.

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