Advertising Integrations

Connect Emarsys with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google, TikTok and Criteo. Target customers who have engaged with content or visited your site with automated digital advertising campaigns.

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Hero Advertising Integrations 

Integrate seamlessly with leading digital advertising platforms

Explore which ad platforms Emarsys integrates with to enable deeper segmentation and highly relevant personalized digital advertising campaigns. 

Google Ads

Match Emarsys contacts to Google accounts. Unlock targeting capabilities across Google search and display, Gmail and YouTube to target specific customers.

Explore Google Ads

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Reach contacts who have visited your website or engaged with content. Deliver relevant content to capture new leads or drive repeat purchases by using CRM data to create matched and lookalike audiences in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Explore Meta

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Use Emarsys data to create custom and lookalike audiences that can fuel re-marketing campaigns in TikTok. Reach possible repeat customers, increase your brand following, and improve customer engagement, conversion and retention.

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Use first-party and commerce data to engage hyper-relevant audiences. Find customers who are in a buying mind-set and target them with personalized campaigns that don’t rely on third-party cookies.

Explore Criteo

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