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Extensibility meets accessibility – at scale

Emarsys connects customer, sales, and product data to business intelligence and visualization tools to increase IT efficiencies and accelerate campaign execution.

Customer data that powers personalization

Connected customer data is the single biggest hurdle for marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences. In addition, systems that make it possible don’t always make it easy and tech stacks can quickly become complex and unfit for purpose.

Onboarding Customer Lifecycle Capability

Onboard data faster with a composable infrastructure

Data Insights Analytics Capability

Enrich data with predictive insights & analytics

Analytics Measure Insight Capability

Use real-time event triggers to activate data in the moment

Icon Integrated Solution

Connect to your preferred CDP and CIAM solutions

01 Customer Data Consolidate Your Data With Composable Onboarding

Consolidate your data with composable onboarding

We’ve redefined contact, sales and event data onboarding for quicker implementation with customer success experts to guide you along the way. Customer data is connected and analyzed across CX and operational systems such as your ERP, supply chain or BI tools that doesn’t take a data analyst to crack.

02 Customer Data Enrich Data With Ai Predictions And Insights 

Enrich data with AI predictions and insights

Use AI to enrich your customer data. Deliver content and experiences that resonate with customers, in their preferred communication channels, based on what actions they’re likely to take next, such as purchasing or churning. By building it into your existing workflows, your teams can adopt AI faster and easier than ever.

03 Customer Data Power Personalization With Dynamic Segments & Predictive Intelligence

Power personalization with dynamic segments and predictive intelligence

Emarsys makes complex personalization simple by allowing marketers to capitalize on pre-built, dynamic segments based on contact attributes, behavior or lifecycle stage. Our personalization engine templatizes your data from any source. Analyze web behavior data to deliver personalized content and offers to your customers using channel agnostic personalization tokens.

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04 Customer Data Activate Data To Personalize Campaigns With Real Time Event Triggers

Activate data to personalize campaigns with real-time event triggers

From driving personalized product recommendations that reflect a customer’s lifelong loyalty, to triggering a meaningful welcome message for a first-time shopper, consumer, guest or fan, we give you the tools to make it happen. By streaming event data, Emarsys allows you to engage customers in time-sensitive moments with personalized content.

05 Customer Data Build The Customer Engagement Platform Your Business Needs

Build the customer engagement platform your business needs

Your platform, your choice. Make your customer engagement data more powerful by connecting flexibly to your entire tech stack–from other CX applications like your CDP and CIAM of choice, loyalty programs or advocacy solutions. Enrich data, sync identities, improve personalization and build lifecycle marketing use cases that increase customer lifetime value.

06 Customer Data Go Beyond Channel Performance To Business Driving Metrics

Go beyond channel performance to business-driving metrics

Unify customer engagement across channels (online, offline, and mobile) to unlock business value, showing the impact marketing has on revenue. Built-in reporting and analytics show how marketing campaigns affect customer lifetime value, repeat purchase, average order value, and more. And if you’re ready to use that data elsewhere (business intelligence platforms, legacy database systems etc.), our open data infrastructure makes it easy.

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