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Announcing updates to mobile channels, personalization, loyalty, and the platform experience

The Empowered Marketer’s Path to 

Omnichannel Engagement 

More power, greater flexibility, better marketing! In this release, unlock more real-time personalized experiences, grow your loyal customer base, and quickly adapt to the ever-changing market demands. These enhancements will save you time and enhance your customers’ omnichannel experience. 

What’s New!

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Mobile, SMS, and Web Push Enhancements

Increase active customers and drive retention with real-time experiences using Web and Mobile push. Rapidly integrate your preferred SMS partner with a new API (no service ticket needed!) and expand your omnichannel reach.

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Personalization and Segmentation Updates

Confidently deliver personalized emails with enhanced tools for product recommendations using Emarsys Script Language and Self-Service Availability Filtering. We’ve also made your segmentation experience more consistent, more flexible, and easier to use.

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Loyalty Enhancements

Grow lifetime value and unlock insights among your loyal customers by awarding points based on tiers and actions, voucher analytics, updating and analyzing voucher usage, and importing loyalty data.

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The Marketer’s Experience

Improve the way you work on the Emarsys platform with new product recommendation options, integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud, and UI updates.

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New Features in Pilot

One of our core Emarsys values is  “we always innovate.” And your input is invaluable to that innovation! Join our Product Pioneer program as we pilot these features: 

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Launch campaigns with wallet passes such as voucher, coupons, loyalty cards, and event tickets.

In App Personalization

In-App Personalization

Personalize in-app content with contact, voucher, or event data.

Audience Reporting

Campaign Analytics

Analyze the performance of campaigns and compare against channels and audiences.

Become a Product Pioneer 

Influence and preview new features before they are generally available. Collaborate with product teams and peers to shape the future of the Emarsys solution.  

Join Our User Community 

You can track our ongoing deployment of new features, as well as share your thoughts and questions with us and your peers.

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predictable, profitable outcomes that your business demands with our multi-channel marketing platform.

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