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Drive mobile and in-app revenue with 1:1 personalized engagements.

Engage mobile customers in real time based on customer, product, and sales data across multiple channels.

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Grow the lifetime value of mobile-first customers using data-enriched personalization

Despite investing significant time and resources into development, marketing, and adoption, many brands still struggle to generate meaningful returns from mobile in-app engagement. By integrating with your marketing and commerce channels and enriching mobile engagements with 1:1 personalization, Emarsys helps you increase mobile revenue and realize true return on app investment.

Unify data to unlock personalization
Optimize engagement in-app
Capture customer opt-in across devices
Measure revenue impact of mobile in-app interactions

Unify customer, product & app purchase data

As a fully integrated customer engagement platform, Emarsys connects your key marketing channels to break down data silos. This single view of the customer allows you to engage users with highly relevant, real-time communications while they are active in your mobile app.

01 Mobile App Unify Customer Product And App Purchase Data Converted

Drive mobile revenue with higher app engagement

When mobile app users stay engaged, you get bigger shopping carts, more first-party data, and more lifelong customers. Encourage first purchases or bring back loyal buyers by using a host of complex data points including purchase history, product affinity, and browsing behavior to power revenue-driving mobile app messages.

02 Mobile App Drive Mobile Revenue With Higher App Engagement

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Enhance your cross-channel user journey

Integrate mobile into your cross-channel mix to ensure your customers get a consistent brand experience — no matter where they choose to interact. Emarsys uses AI-driven customer insights to help you create personalized mobile engagements that complement your cross-channel strategies.

03 Mobile App Enhance Your Cross Channel User Journey

Gain a true view of mobile campaign performance

Track how mobile impacts your business’ bottom line with integrated analytics that you can trust. With pre-built performance reporting and attribution, Emarsys lets you track revenue impact down to each mobile campaign, identifying key growth opportunities and areas for improvement.

04 Mobile App Gain A True View Of Mobile Campaign Performance
Get the right messages in front of customers with highly targeted push notifications.
Capitalize on cross-channel touchpoints and user shopping behavior to deliver unique in-app offers.
Keep long-term offers at the front of your customers’ minds with a simple-to-set-up in-app inbox message.

Send automated messages based on real-time triggers

Remove the friction from your user journey with automated push, in-app, and inbox messages. Drive account creation, recover abandoned carts, win back inactive users, and provide order updates with notifications automated to send in real time when triggered by key user behaviors.

05 Mobile App Send Automated Push Notifications Based On Real Time Triggers

Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating Omnichannel Customer Journeys

In this tell-all video, discover how companies like Gibson Brands are approaching personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong loyalty

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Promote your brand in the moment

Easily import store, arena, or any other physical property location data to deliver geo-targeted push messages. Automatically send alerts, updates, or promotions to your customers when they enter or exit a targeted area.

06 Mobile App Promote Your Brand In The Moment

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How Feel Good Contacts Drives Revenue with Omnichannel Experiences

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Large Hero Success Story Feel Good Contacts 1110x620

“Having almost 24% of customers order through the mobile app is an achievement we’re very proud of.”

Nimesh Shah
Nimesh Shah Marketing Director, Feel Good Contacts

Using real-time triggers to serve personalized mobile content

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“As a result of these insights and new capabilities, we now serve our community through a mobile-first approach by delivering millions of personalized messages every day — all within a single platform.”

Edit Dudás,
Edit Dudás, Head of CRM, adidas Runtastic

Achieving 200% YoY growth with personalized mobile marketing

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Ema Card Customer Quote Babbel Desktop

“Eventually, no two people who enter [our] bubble should have the exact same experience if they use the product differently… [and] we’re working to have personalized recommendations at all times…”

Nina Pollex,
Nina Pollex, Director of CRM at Babbel

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