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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform

Launch integrated campaigns across channels with speed and agility

From simple campaigns to sophisticated customer journeys, Emarsys empowers marketers with automations that significantly improve time to value.

Easily deploy integrated campaigns with our omnichannel marketing automation platform

Executing omnichannel campaigns, without extensive services engagement and IT resources, is difficult. The Emarsys omnichannel marketing platform makes it easy to integrate data, set up messaging across channels, and deploy personalized campaigns at scale.

Customer Data Cross Channel Lifetime Value Capability

Use customer data and AI to power personalized, cross-channel campaigns

Automation Center Automate Capability

Seamlessly connect & automate multiple marketing channels

Icon Measure Impact

Deploy best practice, out-the-box automations to help you hit revenue targets

Monitor Optimize Web Campaign Performance Measure Channel

Measure campaign performance across channels with purpose-built dashboards and reports

01 Automation Unlock Agile Marketing And Commerce Automation

Unlock agile marketing automation

Rapidly launch personalized cross-channel campaigns using engagement and purchase data. Adapt your approach with agility based on testing, intelligent insights or real-time signals to deliver optimal customer experiences.

02 Automation Orchestrate Cross Channel Campaigns At Scale

Orchestrate omnichannel campaigns at scale

With Emarsys, you can get started with native channels and connect with strategic third-party providers to execute sophisticated omnichannel campaigns. Quickly adapt to the changing needs of your business and remove data and execution silos to launch campaigns fast.

03 Automation Reach Customers In The Moments That Matter With Real Time Automated Triggers

Reach customers in the moments that matter with real-time automated triggers

In marketing, timing is everything. Emarsys helps you identify the critical moments in your customer’s journey and respond with the right message. In just a few clicks Emarsys lets you deploy a range of automations that trigger everything from abandoned cart to back in stock notifications, to win back and upsell campaigns in real-time.

03 Automation Deliver Next Level Customer engagement Through Our Partner ecosystem 

Deliver next-level automation through our technology integrations

Emarsys allows marketers to connect with third-party CDPs and build automations based on data within those systems. The composability of our platform also means marketers can easily build automated customer journeys across a growing array of channels, from ad networks like Google, TikTok and Criteo, to integrated direct mail, to SMS or conversational messaging apps, just to name a few.

See Our Customer Loyalty Solution In Just 3 Minutes

See our omnichannel marketing automation capabilities in just 3 minutes

04 Automation Build Automations Based On Customer Lifecycle Stage

Build automations based on customer lifecycle stage

Start creating engagements that customers remember for all the right reasons. Speak differently to a first-time customer and a customer-for-life. Emarsys combines your historical and real-time customer data, enriching it with AI, allowing you to create personalized engagements based on actual or predicted customer lifecycle stage, spend, engagement, channel preference and more.

05 Automation Deploy Out Of The Box Tactics To Quickly Launch Campaigns

Deploy out-of-the-box tactics to quickly launch campaigns

We’ve worked with thousands of customers to understand what audience segments and channel combinations drive success, and then we built them into the platform so you can get up and running fast. You can also start with the best practice and customize. With integrated personalization across the channels, campaigns are tailored to your customer, no matter how you go about it.

06 Automation Measure Business Impact Across Automated Programs And Campaigns

Measure business impact across automated programs and campaigns

Understand how your team’s marketing activities are impacting growth and revenue with Emarsys’ campaign, audience, store and revenue analytics dashboards. Report on which automated programs and campaigns have the most significant impact on your customers, and quickly access cross-channel insights and revenue attribution throughout key areas of the platform.

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Orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys

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