The Business

Retail, Food & Grocery
53,000+ employees
4 countries

Salling Group is Denmark’s largest retailer, made up of supermarkets, stores, webshops, coffee bars, restaurants, and a variety of unique and well-known brands.

The Challenge

  • Siloed data across channels
  • Scaling personalization
  • Executing cross-channel
  • Increasing scale and efficiency

How do you actually make use of your data and become more customer-centric? You can have everything prepared, including digital strategy, new business opportunities, consent, customers, and data, but without the right people and tools in place, you will not reach your ultimate marketing goals.

Salling Group wanted to be more customer-centric and provide tailored, individualized experiences to each and every consumer. To do this, Salling Group needed to engage their customers with the right product at the right price, time, and channel to keep them coming back.

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