Engage contacts with digital advertising

Personalize advertising across display, search, and social to drive cross-channel revenue

Use CRM data to engage with contacts in real-time using automated, data-driven digital advertising campaigns.

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Hero Digital Ads

Unleash the power of CRM data for search, display, and social advertising

Marketers face increasing pressure to drive more sales with less spend — all with fewer tracking and retargeting capabilities. Emarsys unlocks your first-party CRM data, helping you to segment key customers, create valuable lookalike audiences, and target the right customers with the right content during the right stage of their journey.

Use CRM data to refine segments
Create audiences based on contact behavior
Integrate advertising into your cross-channel mix
See the revenue impact of advertising campaigns

Increase conversions with hyper-personalized advertising

Use Emarsys’ sophisticated segmentation to create specific micro-segments based on first-party data insights. Deliver ads with highly personalized content tailored to customer lifecycle stage, email responses, and purchase and browsing history that can be integrated into omnichannel automation flows.

01 Digital Ads Increase Conversions With Hyper Personalized Advertising

Acquire more valuable leads with lookalike audiences

Find new, high-value customers that share the preferences, browsing habits, and purchase history of your most valuable customers. Create lookalike audiences in social networks from source segments based on mobile, web, or email behavior, as well as customer lifecycle data and predicted behavior.

02 Digital Ads Acquire More Valuable Leads With Lookalike Audiences

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Optimize media spend with dynamic audience journeys

Automation Center audiences populate when contacts arrive at a certain point in an automated program. Dynamically add and remove contacts from the audience via Automation Center nodes. Eliminate wasted spend by ensuring the right ads reach the right audiences at the right time.

03 Digital Ads Optimize Media Spend With Dynamic Audience Journeys

Extend the reach of existing campaigns

Scale the impact of your advertising by connecting existing campaigns with your cross-channel mix. Connect your ads channels to web, mobile, direct mail, and more, and offer a clear, concise 1:1 personalized cross-channel journey.

04 Digital Ads Extend The Reach Of Existing Campaigns

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Using actionable AI to scale personalization, reduce churn, and optimize results

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“What AI did was to tell us when to communicate with [our customers]. Having a 1:1 conversation, having that freedom of actually reaching customers in that really great moment in time… it has delivered us a lot more revenue.”

Alexandra (Simion) Vancea,
Alexandra (Simion) Vancea, Head of Marketing, BrandAlley

Increasing ROAS and customer engagement with personalized omnichannel experiences

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Engage contacts with digital advertising

“Emarsys has enabled us to create automated personalized customer journeys across email, on-site, and paid channels. Their automation capability has powered our rigorous A/B testing.”

Isabelle Zhou,
Isabelle Zhou, Head of Growth, Love Bonito

Serving personalized content with real-time triggers across devices, channels, and apps

Hear their story

“We now serve our community through a mobile-first approach by delivering millions of personalized messages every day — all within a single platform.“

Edit Dudás,
Edit Dudás, Head of CRM, Adidas Runtastic

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Customer Lifecycle Exported

Customer Lifecycle Management

Segment contacts by lifecycle, deploy specific tactics to accelerate customers from first purchase to loyalty, and view lifecycle reporting — all from within a single platform.

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Intelligence Analytics Exported

Intelligence & Analytics

Use AI to predict campaign performance, measure customer outcomes, and optimize to maximize engagement across channels — without the need for a dedicated data team.

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Strategies Tactics Exported

Strategies & Tactics

Align your strategy to pre-built tactics — best practice, fully customizable journeys built within the platform — that are ready to deploy.

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