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Reporting and Analytics

AI-powered analytics. Insightful, revenue-driving marketing.

Measure the revenue impact of your marketing messages, predict campaign outcomes, and effortlessly optimize future performance.

Get the analytics to know what’s working and the AI to predict what will work next

Disconnected tech stacks and siloed data can make it difficult to get a full picture of your marketing analytics, let alone trust that they are accurate. Emarsys gives you full visibility into your customers and marketing impact, surfacing engagement trends, revenue opportunities and predictions to proactively engage audiences, so you can drive profitable growth.

Monitor Optimize Web Campaign Performance Measure Channel

Accurately measure marketing and business impact

Icon Integrated Solution

Identify trends and opportunities for smarter, profitable decisions

Forecast Campaign Performance Drive Outcomes Capability

Forecast campaign performance to drive the best outcomes

01 Reporting Drive The Revenue Metrics That Matter

Drive the revenue metrics that matter

Strategic dashboards are where it all comes together. Gain full visibility over everything from repeat purchase to average order value and in-store sales, plus many more integral KPIs. Beyond just reporting on the state of the business, Emarsys lets you adapt quickly to address new opportunities or underperforming areas using pre-built strategies and tactics proven to deliver results.

02 Reporting Identify Opportunities In Your Customer Lifecycle

Identify opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle

How many of your customers are first-time buyers? How many are defecting? Do you have issues in your funnel? If so, what are the most effective tactics to fix them? Emarsys’ Smart Insights answer these questions for you and identify opportunities to drive revenue at any point across your customer lifecycle.

03 Intelligence Know Which Channels Are Working And Why

Know which channels are working and why

The beauty of using Emarsys to build and deploy everything from email and web to SMS and digital ads campaigns is that you can view them side-by-side to see how their performance compares. Our built-in channel analytics and reporting give you a complete picture of your omnichannel performance and allow you to effectively measure and optimize campaigns at a channel level.

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04 Intelligence Answer The Marketing Revenue Impact Question

Answer the marketing revenue impact question

How are your marketing efforts contributing toward profitable growth and revenue for your business? Emarsys shows the effect your marketing efforts have on not only revenue but also customer acquisition, purchase frequency, average order value, first purchase, store sales, retention, and loyalty.

05 Reporting Access Insight Rich Audience Reporting

Access insight-rich audience reporting

Curious to find out how your campaigns are performing with specific audience segments? Native audience reporting helps you understand your target audiences by providing comparative metrics on custom segments. Ensure your segments are in line with your business targets, check if your audiences are reacting to personalized messages as expected, and refine your segments even further based on data-rich insights.

06 Reporting Harness The Power Of Ai And Predictive Analytics 

Harness the power of AI and predictive analytics

From a customer’s first interaction, our AI can start understanding your customer’s preferences and predict what they will buy next, when they’ll buy it, which channels they’ll use, and how much they’ll spend. Our AI continuously optimizes customer engagements to make them more relevant, timely, and personalized for each individual customer.

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