Produce measurable business results

Measure the performance of your customer engagement strategy and the actual impact it has on your business like never before with data-driven insights. Easily create segments and turn your insights into a ready-to-use audience.

Analytics highlights

Industry-tailored goals and strategies

Our industry-specific analytic capabilities take into account your unique business goals and strategies so that instead of building reports from scratch, you can make data-driven decisions right away.

Automatically populate reports with your historic data, highlight the KPIs you need to focus on, and deploy automated programs and use cases that will make a real difference in achieving your overall business goals.

Emarsys Industry-Tailored Goals and Strategies
Emarsys Business Impact Dashboard

Measurable impact on business results

The Strategic Dashboard not only displays high-level business results, but the sophisticated attribution models that show the marketing contribution of each strategy also allow you to drill down to see how each campaign helps push the needle.

See the impact of your marketing decisions and optimize your own strategy in real time.

Harness the power of predictive analytics

Understand and track the accuracy of your revenue, purchase, or engagement predictions. Then lean on AI insights to guide your marketing strategy and make decisions with greater confidence than ever before.

Our industry-specific statistics also let you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing by benchmarking your progress against theirs.

Predictive Analytics with Emarsys AI
Emarsys Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Customer lifecycle analytics

Understand and manage your customer lifecycle marketing efforts with a dedicated module full of rich analytics and actionable reports.

The highly intuitive UI makes slicing and dicing data easy, which can then be saved into ready-to-deploy segments based on purchase or behavioral data, product type, or sales channel.

Retention-focused to build revenue

If 9 out of 10 customers only buy once, then you need a platform that lets you encourage repeat purchases and grow customer lifetime value. By reducing the proportion of one-off purchases and encouraging repeat purchases, you can boost your revenue growth right from your marketing platform.

Predictive Analytics with Emarsys AI
Emarsys Store Dashboard

Flexible report creation

Business needs keep evolving, so our best-in-class analytic solutions come with a fully embedded report builder that lets you easily tweak existing reports or even create your own from scratch.

Build reports using the same powerful insights around any number of business use cases, offering the same level of segmentation functionality as our out-of-the box reports.

Insightful campaign performance trends

Compare performance across marketing campaigns using any number of key metrics, from click rates to conversion rates. Generate daily aggregated results from any mix of campaigns across the entire account to measure trend performance.

Emarsys Campaign Performance Dashboard
Emarsys Unified Customer Profiles

Holistic performance overview

Use a single screen to get a complete view of everything that happens in your marketing platform, giving you full control for maximum results. Enjoy at-a-glance KPIs, trends over time, and real-time alerts highlighting where to focus attention to optimize performance.

Platform key capabilities

Customer Data Platform
Eliminates silos and unifies customer data through an open architecture and API.
Industry-specific Solutions​
Industry-specific analytics and use cases built into the platform.

Delivers true 1:1 customer personalization across all channels and devices.

Marketer-friendly AI

Integrates AI and predictive analytics with marketing execution to scale 1:1 personalization.

Omnichannel Automation

Simplifies cross-channel execution and streamlines marketing operations to optimize the entire customer experience.

Reporting & Analytics​

Measurable business results that drive predictable and profitable growth.


Deliver true 1:1 personalized omnichannel experiences.

Email | Social | Mobile | Web | Direct Mail


Leveraging an open architecture and API to drive more intelligent omnichannel engagement.

Deliver the predictable, profitable outcomes that your business demands