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Reaching the person behind the message

Our personalization engine delivers sophisticated, personalized campaigns across channels in real time based on what your customer wants and needs.

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Be customer-first with an intelligent personalization engine

At its heart, personalization is about people and creating trusted relationships. It’s about listening to the customer, learning their behaviors, and using that knowledge to deliver messages they want to receive, when they want to receive it. When personalization builds trusted, loyal relationships, we — as marketers — win.

Achieving true 1:1 personalization comes down to data and your ability to unify it, understand it, and act on it with the power of AI

Deliver individualized content across channels, when customers want to receive it
Use AI to identify priority customer segments and message them in the right way
Measure the revenue impact of personalization down to the channel and campaign level

See the beauty of first-party data

Build deeper relationships with your customers by turning data-backed insights into personalized cross-channel engagements. By unifying first-party data — including demographics, sales, support calls and behaviors — you can better understand each customer and build a rich customer profile that allows you to engage them with relevant content in the moments that matter most.

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Personalize marketing everywhere with ease

Our Integrated Data Layer powers the personalization engine by enriching customer data with AI-driven insights. Our tools allow you to turn insights into action by personalizing your channels. Save time and effort by only building personalized content once, applying it across every channel, and customizing it using drag-and-drop tokens.

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Deliver personalized marketing through product recommendations that drive revenue

Our personalization platform combines historical and real-time data to build a true view of every customer. Using visual affinity, channels, and purchase predictions, Emarsys recommends products tailored to individual customers, while maintaining consistency across multiple channels.

03 Personalization Deliver Personalized Product Recommendations That Drive Revenue

Use predictive real-time segmentation to power personalization

Use our personalization engine to build segments using AI algorithms that predict what customers are likely to do next based on past behavior. Personalize email subject lines or content based on your customers’ engagement levels, target contacts based on their expected reactions to your web campaigns, or differentiate leads most likely to convert from those who will possibly go cold.

04 Personalization Use Predictive Real Time Segmentation To Power Personalization

Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating Omnichannel Customer Journeys

In this tell-all video, you’ll explore Gibson’s approach to optimizing customer journeys, personalization, and driving lifelong customer loyalty

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See the impact of your personalization efforts across channels

Measuring the impact of personalization when you’re running multiple campaigns across multiple channels gets complicated fast. Emarsys shows the revenue impact of personalization by consolidating all your data streams, channels, and campaigns within a single platform.

05 Personalization See The Impact Of Your Personalization Efforts Across Channels

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Driving loyalty, revenue, and margins with personalized post-purchase and lifecycle campaigns

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“Using data and personalization, Emarsys enables us to keep our customers at the heart of everything we do, powering vital lifecycle and loyalty campaigns that drive conversions, retention, and relevancy.”

Catriona Woodward,
Catriona Woodward, Head of Digital Marketing, Pizza Hut

Harnessing the power of actionable AI to reduce customer churn and increase AOV

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“What AI did was to tell us when to communicate with those people. [And] having a 1:1 conversation, having that freedom of actually reaching customers in that really great moment in time… has delivered us a lot more revenue.”

Alexandra (Simion) Vancea,
Alexandra (Simion) Vancea, Head of Marketing BrandAlley

Driving 200% YoY user growth and doubling US revenue with mobile personalization

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“Eventually, no two people who enter [our] bubble should have the exact same experience if they use the product differently… [and] we’re working to have personalized recommendations at all times.”

Nina Pollex,
Nina Pollex, Director of CRM at Babbel

Achieving 5X revenue growth through personalization and Smart Insights

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“We worked very closely with Emarsys to build all of our templates and build the logic that meant we could do that at scale… now, a lot of what we do happens in the background.”

David Witts,
David Witts, CRM Manager, PUMA Europe

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