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Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Effortlessly connect and execute customer engagement across channels

Discover how the Emarsys omnichannel marketing platform helps marketers engage their customers wherever they are, with what they want.


Giving more power to omnichannel marketers

The Emarsys omnichannel marketing platform supports a breadth of both native channels and an extensible ecosystem of best-in-class partner integrations that unlock additional revenue streams, scalability and innovation.

01 Omnichannel Marketing Email


Balance sophistication and ease-of-use with AI-powered email. Deliver marketing and transactional emails with agility, precision and reliability. Segment contacts, personalize content with AI, and integrate email into cross-channel campaign automations to drive revenue for the business.

02 Omnichannel Marketing Web


Make your website more interactive with personalized on-page experiences and proactive web push messages. Tailor your website to individual visitors with special offers and AI-powered recommendations based on real-time session and historical first-party data.

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07 Omnichannel Marketing Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Build dynamic segments using your first-party contact data and target them with personalized advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn and Criteo.

06 Omnichannel Marketing Sms


Reach customers offline and on-the-go with 1:1 personalized SMS campaigns. Engage with real-time offers and time-sensitive updates based on customer behavior and location to influence engagement and conversion.

04 Omnichannel Marketing Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Launch mobile wallet campaigns with personalized passes such as digital vouchers and loyalty cards, natively through our platform. Drive mobile engagement without an app and close the loop on the digital to in-store experience.

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Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys

In this tell-all video, discover how companies like Gibson Brands are approaching personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong loyalty

03 Omnichannel Marketing Mobile App

Mobile App

Increase mobile engagement and revenue through real-time, mobile app driven experiences like inbox, in-app, or push messages. Accelerate business outcomes with proven mobile engagement strategies as part of your omnichannel mix.

05 Omnichannel Marketing Conversational Messaging

Conversational Messaging

Interact directly with customers all around the world through feature-rich conversational apps like WhatsApp. Deliver personalized content and offers or engage in two-way semi-automated conversations that nurture customer loyalty.

08 Omnichannel Marketing Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Incorporate high touch direct mail as a strategic part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. Send relevant and timely print mailers using transactional and behavioral first-party data to segment, personalize and automate offline engagement.

Emarsys Partner Connect

Explore our integrations with partners who can help you unlock value,
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09 Omnichannel Marketing In Store


Unlock and activate omnichannel data to deliver 1:1 personalization in-store. Create a consistent, connected customer experience with unified first-party data and AI-powered marketing automations.

10 Omnichannel Marketing Contact Center

Contact center

Connect your marketing activities and data to your contact center to deliver 1:1 personalized customer service interactions that grow loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

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