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Discover the omnichannel marketing strategies top brands use to deliver more 1:1 experiences that build customer loyalty, increase lifetime value, and drive growth and revenue.

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Giving more power to omnichannel marketers

Discover why thousands of marketers from the world’s most innovative brands have chosen Emarsys to handle their customer engagement.

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The omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes


Balance sophistication and ease-of-use with our AI-driven Email platform. Segment contacts, personalize content, integrate email into omnichannel campaigns, and drive revenue for the business.

Experience AI-driven email marketing

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Tailor your website to individual visitors with special offers and AI-powered recommendations based on real-time session and historical CRM data.

Personalize web content in real time

02 Cross Channel Execution Web


Increase mobile revenue through real-time, in-app engagement. Accelerate business outcomes with proven mobile engagement strategies.

Grow the lifetime value of mobile-first customers

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Influence order completion rates and reach offline customers with 1:1 personalized, SMS campaigns that respond to customer behavior in real time.

Launch behavior-based SMS campaigns

04 Cross Channel Execution Sms

Digital ads

Build dynamic segments using your first-party contact data and target them with personalized campaigns across search, display, and social channels.

Build automated digital ad campaigns

05 Cross Channel Execution Digital Ads

Direct mail

Combine transactional and behavioral data with direct mail, engaging customers when it matters most.

Connect print and digital to maximize ROI

06 Cross Channel Execution Direct Mail

See how Emarsys supports your omnichannel marketing strategy.

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Unlock and activate omnichannel data to deliver 1:1 personalization in-store. Create a connected, consistent customer experience with unified first-party data and AI-powered marketing automations.

Deliver connected in-store experiences

07 Cross Channel Execution In Store

Contact center

Connect contact centers to engagement data to deliver 1:1 personalized customer service interactions that grow loyalty and increase CSAT.

Personalize contact center interactions

08 Cross Channel Execution Contact Center

Deliver the
predictable, profitable outcomes that your business demands with our omnichannel marketing solution

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