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Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform for

Convert more visitors, more often, at higher value

Grow online and mobile sales by engaging with shoppers wherever they are. Execute campaigns based on a more connected view of customer, business, and marketing performance.

The omnichannel marketing platform of choice for e-commerce brands worldwide

Personalize the customer journey across any touchpoint, from online to in-store and back

Breakdown Silos Data Solution

Break down data silos and connect your customer, sales, and product data.

Commerce Store Capability

Turn web store browsers into multi-channel buyers

Customer Relationship Loyalty Strategy Solution

Build authentic customer relationships with an effective loyalty strategy

01 Retail Ecommerce Unify Your Customer Product And Sales Data

Unify data to fuel dynamic segments

Access the limitless possibilities of fully integrated data. Easily connect your customer data with customer behavior, purchase inventory, SKU, and sales data to build better relationships from the start. This allows you to create segments that power personalization and use past behavior and real-time data to automatically group shoppers by lifecycle stage, or their likelihood to engage, churn, or convert.

02 Retail Ecommerce Maximize Roi With Ai Powered Marketing Automations

Maximize ROI with AI-powered marketing automations

Grow a database of engaged, high-value shoppers and dramatically improve time to value with pre-built, AI-powered marketing automations. From abandoned cart to customer churn, Emarsys identifies key growth opportunities and helps you capitalize on them fast, with easy-to-use strategies that can be executed in a single click.

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03 Retail Ecommerce Deliver Transactional Engagements At Scale

Deliver transactional engagements at scale

Easily integrate Emarsys across email, web, mobile, ads, and direct mail, and gain the agility you need to deliver effective transactional campaigns and keep up with supply chain dependencies. Keep shoppers shopping with fast password reset messages, reduce customer support enquiries with SMS shipping updates, and build anticipation with order confirmation and post-purchase emails at scale.

04 Retail Ecommerce Drive Loyalty With Cross Channel Personalization

Drive loyalty with cross-channel personalization

From online to mobile, create engaging, personalized cross-channel customer interactions that turn first-time shoppers into loyal, repeat buyers. Emarsys gives you the power to quickly build sophisticated 1:1 personalized cross-channels journeys within a single, easy-to-use platform, all with less IT reliance.

23 091 Gibson Ivj Lp Hero Animation V1 Resized
Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys

In this tell-all video, discover how companies like Gibson Brands are approaching personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong loyalty

05 Retail Ecommerce Uncover The Revenue And Roi Impact Of Returns

Uncover the revenue and ROI impact of refunds

If a VIP customer returns everything they buy, are they really a VIP customer? Emarsys is the only customer engagement platform that unlocks your cross-channel returns data by lifecycle status, giving marketers a true view of return on investment, customer lifetime value, and overall marketing success.

06 Retail Ecommerce See The Revenue Impact Of Marketing Campaigns

See the revenue impact of marketing campaigns

Confidently demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts on key business outcomes. Emarsys helps marketers get a focused line of sight into revenue performance, customer acquisition, purchase frequency, average order value, first purchase, retention, loyalty, and more – all from a single platform.

Personalize omnichannel engagement to build loyalty and
grow customer lifetime value