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Customer Loyalty

Proactively engage customers and keep them coming back with personalized loyalty programs

Supercharge omnichannel customer engagement and increase lifetime value with Emarsys’ native loyalty capabilities.


Build brand loyalty across every customer interaction

Launch personalized omnichannel loyalty experiences that reward, retain, and nurture repeat customers, all from a single platform. Enhance customer journeys by incorporating loyalty programs structured on different tiers and statuses. Incentivize existing customers based on their purchases or interactions and measure the revenue impact of loyalty programs.

Customer Data Cross Channel Lifetime Value Capability

Create personalized loyalty programs that drive customer lifetime value

Ai Capability

Accelerate time to value with a natively integrated solution for seamless functionality

Icon Measure Impact

Measure the revenue impact between loyal and non-loyal customers

01 Loyalty Increase Customer Lifetime Value With Integrated Loyalty Specific Use Cases En

Increase CLTV with integrated loyalty data and use cases

Activate loyalty-specific omnichannel campaigns to drive repeat purchases and retain more of your customer base. Enhance your marketing campaigns with drag-and-drop personalized loyalty content based on your connected data — customer tier status, points, offers, rewards, and more — for highly engaging communications that convert more customers, more often, and at a higher rate.

02 Loyalty Launch Pre Built Loyalty Tactics With Ease En

Build, activate and manage loyalty programs with ease

Improve the time to value of your loyalty programs by building them from the ground up with ease. Access a variety of loyalty plan and reward types that incentivize actions, not just purchases. Deploy loyalty campaigns at the click of a button with pre-built tactics that drive business outcomes from membership growth to rewards redemption.

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03 Loyalty Personalize Every Moment To Increase Engagemen En

Personalize every moment to increase engagement

Drive conversions and increase retention by providing rewards, benefits, and personalized offers across channels based on customer status or interactions. Deliver highly relevant recommendations and meaningful customer experiences based on your customers’ individual preferences and data-driven insights.

04 Loyalty Create A Consistent Omnichannel Experience For Members En

Deliver consistent omnichannel experiences for members

Tailor customer journeys to create more impactful, engaging moments with members across touchpoints. Foster brand advocacy and encourage repeat purchases by segmenting and targeting customers with offers in their preferred channels based on their tier or points status. And stay top of mind with web loyalty wallets or mobile wallet loyalty cards to encourage redemption online or offline.

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Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys

In this tell-all video, discover how companies like Gibson Brands are approaching personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong loyalty

05 Loyalty See How Your Loyalty Efforts Drive Growth And Revenue En

See how your loyalty efforts drive growth and revenue

View the performance of your loyalty campaigns with out-of-the-box dashboards to identify trends and measure results against overall objectives. Monitor program performance for loyalty member enrollment, rewards redemption, revenue impact, and more, at a glance.

06 Loyalty Adapt To Your Loyalty Needs With a Composable Solution

Adapt to your loyalty needs with a composable solution

Leverage the extensibility of the Emarsys platform to accelerate your loyalty strategies with best-in-class partner solutions such as Mention Me. Grow customer lifetime value with advocacy data and insights to engage brand advocates and unlock acquisition through referrals. Scale enterprise loyalty programs with Annex Cloud’s robust loyalty management, tracking, incentive, and engagement capabilities.

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