Emarsys + SAP

Delivering revenue-generating CX together

Backed by the power of SAP, we bring more value to our customers than ever before. Together, we enable a truly personalized customer experience based on interactions across marketing, commerce, sales, and service.

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Fueling CX growth together 

SAP is supercharging Emarsys’s growth and ability to bring our omnichannel customer engagement platform and marketing expertise to more leading brands than ever. 

The customer engagement platform for SAP CX 

Emarsys is the omnichannel customer engagement platform for SAP CX, delivering marketing automation, real-time personalization, and campaign sophistication that drives business outcomes.

SAP Commerce Cloud
Automatically synchronize customers, events, and products with Emarsys to unlock sophisticated automated tactics, smart contact segments, and real-time personalization.
SAP Customer Data Cloud
Connect front- and back-office systems to create a single source of truth that handles data privacy and consent so brands can personalize messages at every touchpoint.

Connect commerce to the customer journey 

Plug-and-play integrations between Emarsys and SAP Commerce Cloud allow marketers to quickly deploy campaigns such as ordering, cart update, and product review. 


01 Emarsys Sap Connect Commerce To The Customer Journey

Unify data and build trust with Customer Data Cloud 

With SAP Customer Data Cloud handling data protection and privacy, you can build trust and create the personalized, relevant experiences that are the foundation of a lifelong relationship between customer and brand.  

02 Emarsys Sap Unify Data And Build Trust With Customer Data Cloud

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