AI Marketing

Power personalized experiences with innovative AI marketing automation

Access processes, tools and features that use predictive and generative AI to anticipate, automate, and personalize every customer interaction.


Build, launch and scale omnichannel engagements with our AI marketing capabilities

Enhance customer experience by building personalized journeys through a combination of automation and AI to drive conversion and lifetime value.

Segments Customer Data Capability

Improve engagement by targeting based on predictive segmentation and analytics

Product Recommendation Capability

Increase conversions, and AOV with AI-powered product recommendations

Automation Center Automate Capability

Accelerate time to launch with pre-built, intelligent marketing automations

Forecast Campaign Performance Drive Outcomes Capability

Improve marketing productivity and scale campaign creation with AI-assisted content generation.

01 Ai Build Customer Segments Powered By Ai

Build customer segments powered by AI

Target customers by generating AI segments powered by Emarsys’ machine learning algorithms. Engage customers based on their predicted behaviors or affinities. Target offers based on lifecycle stage, engagement propensity or even estimated spend – such as first-time buyers likely to make a repeat purchase with high value.

02 Ai Drive Conversion And Revenue With Personalized Product Recommendations

Drive conversion and revenue with personalized product recommendations

Our AI marketing capabilities enable you to combine historical and real-time data to build a true view of every customer. Using visual affinity, channels and purchase predictions, Emarsys recommends products tailored to each individual customer, while maintaining consistency across multiple channels from email to web to mobile.

03 Ai Access Over 20 Pre Built Tactics Powered By Ai

Scale quickly with 20+ pre-built tactics powered by AI

Whether you’re looking to drive acquisition, conversion or retention, our platform comes with a host of ready-to-use tactics that align to business outcomes. Deploy sophisticated campaigns, such as Abandoned Browse, Post-purchase Cross/Up-sell, Winback and more, that use AI segments to define audiences and drive channel selection based on a customer’s likelihood to engage in each channel.

04 Ai Improve Productivity With Embedded Ai Capabilities 

Improve productivity with embedded AI capabilities

Create personalized omnichannel experiences faster, and at scale, using a combination of predictive and generative AI. Make better informed decisions with purchase, lifecycle, revenue, and channel engagement predictions. Generate content like email subject lines and compose personalized product offers with AI-assistance to rapidly build and launch campaigns.

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04 Ai Unlock Ai For Email Marketing

Unlock AI for email marketing

Use generative AI in your email marketing to tailor and personalize email subject lines and preview text. Automate content personalization based on your customers’ engagement levels, lifecycle stages or predicted interactions. Improve open rates by using Send Time Optimization to deliver email campaigns at the time recipients are most likely to engage.

05 Ai Harness The Power Of Ai For Mobile Marketing

Harness the power of AI for mobile marketing

Remove friction with automated, AI-powered push, in-app and inbox messages. Optimize mobile engagement by targeting mobile-first customers with personalized content and recommendations across lifecycle engagements. Drive account creation, recover abandoned carts, win back inactive customers and provide order updates with notifications automated to send in real time when triggered by key customer behaviors.

06 Ai Personalize Content For Individual Customers Using Ai For Web

Personalize content for individual customers using AI for Web

Our AI marketing capabilities allow you to personalize web content based on web behavior and engagement in real-time. Increase acquisition and first purchase by building AI-powered automations that display recommended products or offers based on clicks and browsing behavior to deliver consistent, personalized engagements that help customers find what they need, faster.

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