Omnichannel customer engagement for retail businesses

Accelerate business outcomes with proven, industry-specific engagement strategies — crowdsourced from leading brands.

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The omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for hundreds of retail companies worldwide.

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Leading the omnichannel revolution

Digital and retail silos have held back growth. While customers move seamlessly across channels, retailers often fail to leverage their digital business to drive in-store sales. Unlike other platforms, Emarsys delivers results in days through its ready-to-activate, industry-specific solution built on two decades of retail best practices.

How does it work?

Activate best practice solutions in a day

1 Strategy
Choose a strategy such as Increasing Existing Store Revenue, Purchase Frequency or Average Order Value.
2 Use Case
See the most effective use cases to help you achieve your chosen strategy.
3 Activate
Activate pre-populated use cases with content, creative, and cross-channel workflows in a matter of clicks.

Crowdsourced strategies

Aligns business objectives with proven
retail customer engagement strategies.

Retail strategies
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Proven use cases

Predictable, profitable growth using proven use cases.

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Pre-populated and ready

Accelerate time to value by aligning proven engagement strategies.

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Price Drop program implementation

90-day setup

Other marketing platforms

  1. Export data on customers who have made a purchase.
  2. Separate customers who bought online versus in store and indicate how often they purchased.
  3. Calculate when their last purchase was and predict when they would make their next purchase.
  4. Estimate what they are likely to purchase, their current lifetime value and what offer you should give them.
  5. Browse through spreadsheets to send marketing communications only to those opted in.
  6. Build automation scenarios and connect triggers.
  7. Build campaigns.
  8. Launch.
  9. Request a custom report.
1-day setup

  1. Choose strategy.
  2. Select use case.
  3. Activate.

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Platform key capabilities

Industry-Specific Solutions

Industry-specific analytics and use cases built into the platform.

E-Commerce Retail Travel
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Success stories

YoY email revenue
Active customers
Facebook ROAS with CRM ads
Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle

Head of Marketing

City Beach Logo Success Story

“City Beach integrated Emarsys and hasn’t looked back. With a 100% increase in revenue from key channels, improved speed to market, deeper customer insights, and all with a decreased cost base, Emarsys is now the marketing team’s ROI engine and one that’s clearly designed and tuned for modern communications.”

YoY sales growth attributed to email and SMS
Scott Jonsmyth-Clarke

Scott Jonsmyth-Clarke

Group CRM & Digital Communications Manager

Sally Logo

“Friendship marketing is the concept we’ve been working on for quite a while now — it’s customer-first and having a more conversational approach with customers. The way I always think about it is like this: you can understand their transactions, web interactions, call center [touch points], and in-store… but what about what the customer’s saying? How do you bring that back into your database and leverage that data to then close the loop?”

revenue growth within 5 weeks
Jens Pytlich

Jens Pytlich

Digital Marketing Manager

Salling Group Rgb Pos 1

“Salling Group used their offline purchase data to drive online sales by using automated audiences when running omnichannel campaigns. This resulted in 25% revenue growth within 5 weeks.”

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