The Business

Retail/E-commerce, Health & Beauty
Nice, France

Easyparapharmacie is the leading online pharmacy in France. This family-owned business, established in 2007 in Nice, now has a global presence, a product catalog of 25,000 products, and 800 brands from the largest pharmaceutical laboratories. With a turnover of 27 Million € in 2019, 20% higher than the previous year, Easyparapharmacie expects to hit 30 Million € in revenue for 2020.

The Challenge

  • Connecting data and channels
  • Improving efficiency with automation
  • Segmentation
  • Optimizing results throughout the customer journey

Previously using a renowned marketing cloud, Easyparapharmacie still lacked many technical resources critical for executing and optimizing their marketing. The time and cost involved weren’t translating into the returns the company had hoped for. Very few automations were possible, which meant that the team was spending a great deal of time performing manual tasks on a regular basis. Lastly, the segmentation was not optimized, which meant reduced visibility into the performance of CRM activities as well as an inability to understand clients on a one-to-one basis, or as a cohort.

The Solution

Easyparapharmacie onboarded Emarsys, integrating all channels (email, website, social media, and SMS) into a single platform, eliminating the need to navigate between different tools.

01 Personalization See The Beauty Of First Party Data Converted

With data and channels connected, Emarsys enabled Easypharmacie to build a complete view of customers, and use lifecycle analytics, segmentation, and automation to personalize email as well as website visits with targeted content like product recommendations.

“We use product affinity reporting and share it with our laboratory partners. It allows us to direct them more effectively in the strategies we are rolling out. We also use lifecycle analytics to better understand our audience and design our loyalty program. Emarsys will be utilized for our loyalty project in particular.”

Mélanie Troaino
Mélanie Troaino
Marketing Director at Easyparapharmacie

The Impact

By choosing the Emarsys customer engagement platform, Easyparapharmacie now has a consolidated solution to execute omnichannel automation in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. The Marketing team — and the CRM team in particular — is more productive, better aligned to business outcomes, more empowered to engage existing and new customers with improved personalization and loyalty, and better equipped to execute e-commerce campaigns using the integrated Magento plug-in.

5x revenue from automated campaigns
101% leads converted into active customers
+55% defecting clients won back to active
+45% revenue from ad-hoc campaigns
+62% revenue from CRM grew between January and April 2020 versus the previous year
+225% click-through rates and +125% open rates as a result of segmentation

“We have great support from Emarsys. Our contacts are very present and available, and helped me define with precision my CRM objectives and roadmap for the year. That’s a level of support I have never had with the previous vendors I worked with.”

Quote Lisa Frederic
— Lisa Frédéric,
CRM Manager at Easyparapharmacie

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