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Extend your capabilities, unlock additional value, and add the functionality you need to scale through the extensible SAP Emarsys Partner Ecosystem.

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Expand your Omnichannel Customer Engagement Capabilities with Emarsys Partner Connect

Build a Customer Engagement stack that enables sophisticated omnichannel execution
Integrate with best-in-class Technology Partner Solutions that span the customer lifecycle
Access the strategic and industry-specific expertise of our Expert Solution Partners

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Learn more about our integrations and explore partners who can help you unlock value, scale and innovation for omnichannel customer engagement.

Technology Partners 

Explore best-in-class solutions that connect with the Emarsys platform, enabling faster time to value and driving profitable growth.

Expert Solution Partners 

Browse Expert Solution Partners who specialize in implementing our platform, integrating it with your technology stack, and producing creative content.   

Omnichannel Integrations

Connect with best-in-class solutions that support your brand’s needs in commerce, data, marketing, channels and content.

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Ema Partner Edge Omnichannel Integrations

Advertising Integrations

Explore which ad platforms Emarsys integrates with to enable deeper segmentation and hyper-personalized digital advertising campaigns.

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Omnichannel Integrations Advertising Integrations

SAP Integrations

Integrate with SAP solutions to create scalable personalized omnichannel experiences that strengthen retention and increase conversion.


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Ema Partner Edge Sap Integrations

Google Integrations

Understand the customer journey, increase ROI, and improve app development with integrations across a host of Google platforms and solutions including Google Ads, Analytics, BigQuery and Firebase.

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Developer Resources

Access resources to help you onboard and integrate Emarsys into your tech stack ensuring data, content, and channels are correctly setup.


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Ema Partner Edge Developer Portal

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Connect and expand into the SAP and Emarsys customer base, unlocking value, scale, and new revenue streams for your business

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