Hero Communications Media

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform for Media and Communications

Create relevant, personalized engagements that grow monthly recurring revenue.

Unlock the power of first-party data to create personalized cross-channel engagements that improve consumer experience, foster loyalty, and maximize monthly recurring revenue.

The omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for leading media and communications businesses

Win the loyalty of consumers and grow monthly recurring revenue with 1:1 personalization at scale

Data Insights Analytics Capability

Meet rising customer demands and tightening industry regulations

Grow Increae Money Solution

Identify upsell opportunities to grow MRR

Loyalty Multi Omni Channel Customer Service Solution

Grow loyalty with omnichannel customer service

01 Communications Media Connect Your First Party Data To Effectively Engage Consumers And Subscribers

Connect your first-party data to effectively engage consumers and subscribers

Unify your data and gain clarity on why your subscribers renew, upgrade, or downgrade their plans. Leverage that data to build dynamic segments and create engaging, personalized content and offers that deliver on your key business outcomes.

02 Communications Media Improve Consumer Engagement By Connecting Your Customer Support

Improve consumer engagement by connecting your customer support

Reduce customer service friction and ensure subscribers receive a smooth support experience. Emarsys combines customer service and marketing automation, allowing you to turn tickets into triggers that activate both pre-built and customizable cross-channel automations.

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03 Communications Media Drive Subscription Tier Revenue With Ai Automations

Drive subscription tier revenue with AI automations

Surface and react to early signs of consumer dissatisfaction, and encourage subscription tier upgrades at key stages of the customer lifecycle. Create dynamic, cross-channel AI-powered automations that work at scale to effectively reduce consumer churn and increase monthly recurring revenue.

04 Communications Media Personalize Engagements To Maximize Relevancy Revenue And Cx

Personalize engagements to maximize relevancy, revenue, and CX

Rise to the challenge of heightening consumer expectations by delivering hyper-relevant, 1:1 personalized experiences at scale. Use individual subscriber interests, real-time viewing data, and much more to deliver personalized content recommendations and cross-channel engagements that accelerate business outcomes.

05 Communications Media Drive Additional Revenue With Insights And Analytics

Drive additional revenue with insights and analytics

Make smart, quick decisions with AI-driven insights and analytics, and confidently demonstrate the revenue impact of your marketing activities. View marketing performance down to specific lifecycle stages and campaigns, complete with clear guidance on how to optimize and drive additional revenue.