The Business

Retail/E-commerce, Fashion/Accessories
Southeast Asia

Love, Bonito began as an online blog shop and has transformed the women’s online and offline shopping experience. With 15 stores across four Southeast Asian countries, the brand delivers superior omnichannel personalization from acquisition to retention.

The Challenge

  • Siloed data
  • Scaling personalization with a small team
  • Disjointed tech stack
  • Consistent, cross-channel execution

Before Emarsys, Love, Bonito’s siloed and unintegrated technology stack hampered their ability to provide a quality customer experience. Their ability to personalize digital communications across each stage of the lifecycle was handicapped by tech constraints.

Basic email programs took too much time and resources to for the team to activate and they lacked the customer and marketing analytics to inform strategic decision making.

Their disjointed tech stack also lead to an inability to personalize communications across key customer touchpoints (more than 60% of customers encounter four or more touchpoints with Love, Bonito’s brand before converting). The retailer needed a single platform to support scalability and future growth plans.

The Solution

Following a quick implementation after choosing Emarsys, Love, Bonito was able to accelerate business outcomes and optimize their acquisition and retention goals by:

The Impact

Through channel-agnostic customer-centric personalization, Love, Bonito improved customer acquisition, increased lead conversion and optimized return on advertising spend. Retention was improved by increasing purchase frequency and average order value from existing customers. Within 6 months, they achieved:

+67% lead to first-time buyer conversion
+18% repeat purchases
5x higher spend from active customers
+32% average order value
+6% win-back defecting customers
+15% revenue increase within 6 months of implementation
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