5X Revenue Growth in 6 Months Through Meaningful Engagements

PUMA is one of the largest sportswear brands in the world, operating in numerous countries and in multiple languages. 

The brand wanted to scale their omnichannel strategies as they were doing very little segmentation for their omnichannel strategy. They wanted to send the right message to the right person at the right time. 

With Emarsys, PUMA Europe was able to use the Smart Insights and analysis tools inside the platform to identify highly engaged customers and motivate them to purchase, resulting in increased revenue for the business. 

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“We worked very closely with Emarsys to build all of our templates and build the logic that meant we could do that at scale. Because now, a lot of what we do happens in the background. So we know, for instance, when we send an email, the logic is built, so the subject line will always appear in the right language for that customer. Any product that we feature will feature the right currency for that customer based on where they are. The header and footer will be correct. Any promotions we run will be shown correctly for where that customer is… and we can use block targeting to really focus the content to make sure everyone’s seeing the right thing. And that essentially means we only need to build every campaign once.”

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David Witts
CRM Manager, PUMA Europe