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As the Cookie Crumbles:

The Marketer’s Guide to First Party Data Led Advertising

What’s Inside

  • See how using first-party data led advertising yields better results than anonymized consumer insights. 
  • Ways top brands across the world have leveraged their data in advertising tactics that increase customer lifetime value
  • How to find and target customers who are ready to buy, using customer traits modeled from first-party data.
  • The fastest way to extract meaningful data to achieve your business objectives.

First-Party Data in Advertising

The shift to using first-party data throughout all marketing channels is now unavoidable. Customers expect brands to have made the shift to privacy-centric strategies. Emarsys has helped over 1,500 brands globally accelerate business outcomes by using their existing data to target and retain their best customers.

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Your Data Is a Goldmine 

As third-party cookies are phased out, marketers must place first-party data at the heart of all marketing initiatives, from acquisition to loyalty. If you’d like to understand how to acquire and retain your best customers, using the data you already have, and without the need for additional IT support, then you don’t want to miss this playbook.   

“The biggest win was shifting our focus from short-term ROAS goals to long-term retention goals
by working out customer lifetime value. This meant not just focusing on single transactions but focusing on engaging customers with the City Beach brand over a longer lifecycle.”

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Michael Doyle
Head of Marketing, City Beach