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SAP NFT Management

The trusted, no code NFT platform to revolutionize your customer experience

SAP NFT Management

About SAP NFT Management

SAP NFT Management empowers companies to leverage a new type of consumer asset class based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. These new assets: NFTs, tokens, and more, can easily be created, managed, and distributed to consumers through a no-code, Web3 SaaS application. They are currently in the pilot phase and we’re actively working with customers interested in incorporating Web3 into their customer engagement strategy.




Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 69190 Walldorf, Germany

SAP NFT Management and Emarsys

Through our partnership, SAP NFT Management and Emarsys provide a comprehensive solution that merges the world of blockchain and marketing automation. Businesses can now unlock unprecedented opportunities to captivate their audiences with NFT-powered campaigns, leveraging Emarsys’ powerful customer insights and personalization capabilities.

SAP NFT Management and Emarsys

Key Integration Capabilities

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