Every brand is unique — not just in their product offering, but in the needs and wants of their customers. 

However, whether you’re a marketer for a global retail brand, a niche e-tailer, or a mobile app brand, there’s one challenge that nearly every marketing team has in common: win new customers, secure their loyalty, and grow their lifetime value. 

So even though certain aspects of your omnichannel marketing strategy may differ depending on your brand and your customers, there are a handful of essential omnichannel marketing tactics you’ll want to have pre-built and ready-to-deploy in your customer engagement solution to bolster your strategy. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover ten ready-to-deploy omnichannel marketing tactics your strategy needs to ensure accelerated growth and revenue for your business. 

1. Welcome Campaign

If you don’t properly welcome a new customer to your brand, you’re in for a rocky road. It’s hard to build long-term relationships if you don’t start off on the right foot. This makes a well-crafted automated welcome campaign an essential marketing tactic. 

Use creative content that’s on-brand, and messaging that’s warm and inviting (while still aligned with your brand tone and voice). Consider the widest breadth of channels possible: email, web, and SMS are great for welcome campaigns. 

  • Bonus Tip: Craft this message right, and you can encourage customers to register and give your critical zero-party data (with their permission, of course) that will fuel your personalization efforts and allow you to provide them with a better experience. 

2. Abandoned Browse

If you’ve ever worked in a retail store, you know all-too-well the one phrase nearly every customer uses to thwart your engagement: “I’m just looking.” However, this doesn’t mean there is no opportunity to convert a sale — sometimes, customers just need some extra time, extra information… or gentle coaxing. 

It’s no different for your web and app customers. Abandoned Browse campaigns should be a staple tactic in your omnichannel strategy, automated to send when a customer has been exploring products in services on your website, to help drive that all-important purchase.

  • Bonus Tip: Saving money is often a great motivator. If you’re really like to secure this purchase, incorporate a voucher or discount in your follow-up message.

3. Abandoned Cart

Much like with an Abandoned Browse tactic, you’ll also want to automate Abandoned Cart tactics. 

The beauty of a customer who abandoned their cart is that you know they’re primed to complete their purchase, and you already know which items they are most interested in. A personalized Abandoned Cart email can really put that desired item front-and-center for a customer, making it that much more irresistible. This is a must-have tactic for your strategy.

  • Bonus Tip: Here’s where your creative copy will make a big difference. Use light nudging, not blunt force, when asking for a customer to complete their purchase — they’ll appreciate the soft touch and be more responsive.

4. First-Time to Repeat Buyer

If you don’t have a First-Time to Repeat Buyer tactic included in your strategy, you’ll risk having too many one-and-done customers — a big no-no if you’re trying to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value

Automate First-Time to Repeat Buyer campaigns across multiple channels, and incorporate personalization tokens so that the content your first-time buyers receive following their initial purchase is highly relevant and meaningful. A personalized product recommendation is much more likely to drive that crucial second purchase that nudges a customer further along their journey with your brand. 

  • Bonus Tip: Timing is everything. Follow-up too soon, and you’ll seem pushy. Wait too long, and the customer will forget your brand. A/B test different timings to see what works best.

5. Birthday Campaign

Who doesn’t like to feel special on their birthday? Everyone appreciates a gift on their birthday, and it’s a great excuse to reach out to your customer and give them something special… and something that encourages them to come back and shop. This makes a Birthday Campaign a vital tactic for your omnichannel strategy.

Email, SMS, Web, Mobile Wallet — even Direct Mail. As a ready-to-deploy tactic, Birthday Campaigns lend themselves nicely to cross-channel automation. By their nature, they’re already personalized for the specific customer. Be sure to include this in your strategy.

  • Bonus Tip: Make the gift generous enough — a 5% discount, $10 voucher, etc. — and you’re practically guaranteed that customer will spend it with your brand. 

6. Price Drop

The difference between a customer making their next purchase or not could simply come down to price.

If have fully unified data with product inventory updated in real time, you can automate a Price Drop campaign to let interested customers know that the product or service they’ve been eyeballing is now less expensive. Price Drop is an essential ready-to-deploy strategy for omnichannel strategy, because reduced price is such a powerful motivator. 

  • Bonus Tip: This campaign works splendidly when automated across a wide range of channels such as email, CRM ads, SMS, Web, and more, so that you can reach the right customer with this enticing news wherever they’re at. 

7. Back In Stock

Price isn’t the only potential limiting factor in preventing a customer from completing a purchase. Maybe you don’t have the product your customer wants in stock. So if a once-desired product is now back in stock, it’s essential you let your customers know right away. Automate Back-In-Stock Campaigns so that there’s no delay between when a product returns to your inventory and your prospective buyers know about it. 

  • Bonus Tip: This omnichannel tactic creates a great opportunity to deliver a personalized offer to a customer and reach them on the right channel with the right message. Leverage personalized marketing here when and where possible. 

8. New In Stock

Back In Stock Campaigns are important for letting customers know when you have more of the product they already know and love. But what about for your customers who are always looking for the latest and greatest? 

You’re excited about your newest offerings, and likely your customers will be, too. Use this essential technique to communicate to your customers when those new products or services have arrived.

  • Bonus Tip: Automate New In Stock Campaigns so you can keep customers updated in real time when a hot new item is now available to purchase on your website, app, or in your physical stores.

9. Flash Sale Event Campaign

Arm-chair philosophers may ponder the age-old question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 

Here’s one for the modern marketer: If your brand launches a flash sale, but none of your customers know about it, will it move any product? Unlike the former quandary, the answer to the latter is a clear and resounding: No!

Don’t let your flash sales go off without notice. Use Flash Sale Event Campaigns as a tactic to let your customers know they have a limited-time opportunity for great products and great savings. 

  • Bonus Tip: Automate this campaign across all your marketing channels to make the biggest splash possible, and incorporate personalization when and where possible so the customer who receives it doesn’t feel like the recipient of a batch-and-blast message. 

10. Winback Defecting Customers

A winback campaign is right up there with a welcome campaign as being one of the most important tactics in your omnichannel marketing strategy. Even your most dedicated, die-hard customers will go through a phase where they’re either less interested in shopping, or less interested in your brand. And once a customer is gone… it’s exceedingly hard to get them back. 

Automating a Winback Defecting Customers campaign ensures that you’re reaching out to customers most at risk for defecting. Use personalized content in these campaigns to deliver a customer a relevant offering, while also letting them know just how much you value them as a customer. 

  • Bonus tip: If you have built-in artificial intelligence in your omnichannel marketing platform, AI can predict when a customer is at risk for defecting, and automatically send them a personalized message on the most impactful channel for more proactive marketing. 

Power Up Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy With Emarsys Strategies and Tactics 

A winback campaign is right up there with a welcome campaign as being one of the most important tactics in your omnichannel marketing strategy. Even your most dedicated, die-hard customers will go through a phase where they’re either less interested in shopping, or less interested in your brand. And once a customer is gone… it’s exceedingly hard to get them back. 

This post shared just 10 ready-to-deploy tactics, but today’s most successful brands use a whole host of automated 1:1 omnichannel marketing tactics in order to drive the customer growth and revenue their business demand. 

With the Emarsys Omnichannel Marketing Platform, you can access countless pre-built strategies and tactics and execute them straight out of the box or customize them to fit your specific needs and goals. With Emarsys Strategies and Tactics, you can shortcut your way to sophisticated 1:1 omnichannel customer engagement — the kind that accelerates time to value, improve marketing agility, and drive measurable business impact.

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