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Emarsys makes connecting sales, product and customer data easy, so you can get to the business of great customer experiences and driving results.

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Data powers personalization

Consolidated data is the single biggest hurdle for marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences. In addition, systems that make it possible, don’t always make it easy.

01 Integrated Data Layer Data Powers Personalization Converted

Bring together data sources across your business and activate them across every marketing and commerce channel with Emarsys’ integrated data layer.

Break down data silos to create a holistic customer view
Unify historical and real-time data to activate personalized experiences
Transform data into clear insights and predictive analytics

Easily create a holistic view of your customer

Our Integrated Data Layer unifies, cleanses, removes duplicates, and analyzes first-party data from business applications, customer data, and commerce solutions with tools that don’t take a data analyst to crack.

02 Integrated Data Layer Easily Create A Holistic View Of Your Customer

Activate the data to personalize campaigns without painful integration

From driving personalized product recommendations that reflect a customer’s lifelong loyalty to triggering a meaningful welcome message for a first-time buyer, we give you the tools to make it happen. Our Integrated Data Layer uses complex data points to understand each customer and personalize messages across channels without IT involvement.

03 Integrated Data Layer Activate The Data To Personalize Campaigns Without Painful Integration

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Use AI to understand your customers

It’s not just about having the data, it’s what you can learn from it. Emarsys enriches your data with AI, helping you understand what your customers like, in what channels they want to interact with you and what they’re likely to do next. Use AI-driven segments to retain loyal customers, win-back defectors and deliver personalization.

04 Integrated Data Layer Use Ai To Understand Your Customers

Power personalization with dynamic segments & predictive intelligence

Emarsys simplifies personalization by allowing marketers to quickly build dynamic segments based on contact properties or behavior. Our Predict engine then analyzes web behavior data to deliver personalized recommendations to your customers across email, mobile, and web.

05 Integrated Data Layer Power Personalization With Dynamic Segments & Predictive Intelligence

Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating Omnichannel Customer Journeys

In this tell-all video, you’ll explore Gibson’s approach to optimizing customer journeys, personalization, and driving lifelong customer loyalty

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Know what channels are working and quickly adapt

Data unification across channels (Emarsys unifies online, offline, and mobile) means you can see campaign performance at a glance. Emarsys’ integrated data layer makes it easy to take action on the analytics with reporting tools, so you can quickly adapt your strategy and execution to deliver what customers want. And if you aren’t sure what to do next, our AI-driven insights will help you make those decisions.

06 Integrated Data Layer Know What Channels Are Working And Quickly Adapt

Go beyond channel performance to business-driving metrics

Our Integrated Data Layer unlocks business value by showing the impact marketing has on revenue. The Strategic Dashboard shows how marketing campaigns affect customer lifetime value, repeat purchase, average order value and more and makes AI recommendations on how to improve your KPIs across the board.

07 Integrated Data Layer Go Beyond Channel Performance To Business Driving Metrics

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Leveraging first-party data to deliver sophisticated campaigns that drive results

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“We were able to analyze the data we had, bring it together in one place so it’s no longer siloed, [and then] make use of all the technology that Emarsys has in terms of recommendations.”

Sebastiano Elia,
Sebastiano Elia, Head of CRM and Customer Insight

Increasing conversions by integrating loyalty and unifying data — without IT support

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“In the end, we compared three other vendors to Emarsys and for me, Emarsys was very personalized compared to the others, which had a much more generic approach to loyalty.”

Florian Menge,
Florian Menge, Senior CRM Manager, Contorion

Connecting data to identify all customers across all properties — within a single integrated platform

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“Being able to implement these customer experiences really comes down to the foundations we had in place with a unified e-commerce solution and its ability to execute marketing automation across all touchpoints…”

Shane Lenton,
Shane Lenton, Chief Innovation Officer, CUE Clothing Co

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