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More Personalization. More Impact.
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Customer-centric personalization

Deliver personalized, one-to-one customer experiences, in real time, for all channels and devices, driving 140% deeper omnichannel customer engagement.

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Accelerating business outcomes for global brands

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One-to-one personalized customer experiences, delivered to millions

Every brand wants to have a one-to-one relationship with each customer, but data silos get in the way.

Emarsys consolidates and turns all offline and online customer data into real-time personalization, product recommendations, and one-to-one predictions that work on any channel and device.

Salling Group sees +25% revenue growth from automated personalized omnichannel experiences

Jens Pytlich

“Salling Group used offline purchase data to drive online sales, by using product recommendations and automated audiences in omnichannel campaigns. This resulted in 25% revenue growth within 5 weeks.”

Jens Pytlich , Digital Marketing Manager
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Recover or grow revenue with one-to-one predictions and personalization scaled by AI

Emarsys uses artificial intelligence to deliver one-to-one personalization to millions of customers.

This includes one-to-one product recommendations, visual affinity, channels and purchase predictions, individual voucher personalization, and send time optimization.

See how BrandAlley was able to win back 24% of customers with one-to-one predictions

Alexandra (Simion) Vancea

“What AI did was to tell us when to communicate with those people, having a 1:1 conversation, having that freedom of actually reaching customers in that really great moment in time… it has delivered us a lot more revenue.”

Alexandra (Simion) Vancea , Head of Marketing, BrandAlley
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Turn all data into personalization that works everywhere, faster

Most marketers still deliver personalization one channel at a time. With Emarsys, all personalization tokens can be used for any channel, device, or campaign type.

From personalized loyalty to custom campaigns feeding off external data streams, from individualized vouchers to personal loyalty benefits, you have control over how much you want to personalize and the way you’d like to do it.

See how Contorion increased premium customer revenue by +12.7% with personalized loyalty

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Deeper engagement driving higher conversion and at a higher order value

The impact of personalization is hard to measure when you’re measuring for each channel or campaign. In Emarsys, you can leverage integrated analytics to demonstrate the impact of personalized campaigns on revenue and customer goals.

See how you can accelerate business outcomes with integrated analytics

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Greater agility and faster time-to-market with built-in use cases

As customer behavior shifts to new channels, you want to continue delivering highly personalized experiences to them.

Speed up time-to-market across these new touchpoints with over 60 built-in use cases, already pre-populated with personalization and smart segments.

Hear from Cue Clothing why adapting to customer behavior is business-critical

A complete toolbox maximizing the entire mobile channel

Product data
Customer data
Custom data and events
Custom content
See the personalization solution in action

From personalization basics to advanced in days, not months

Advanced segmentation

Engage and convert more users faster, with lifecycle, predictive and behavioral segmentation that uses all customer data — online, offline, product, sales, mobile, and in-store.

Accelerate sales

With 1:1 product recommendations for push, SMS, and in-app content available in the Mobile SDK, sell more to mobile-centric shoppers and keep them coming back.

Productivity gains

Automate 100% of your mobile marketing campaigns using built-in use cases or custom programs based on real-time activity streams.

Accelerating business outcomes for ecommerce & direct-to-consumer businesses


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