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More Personalization. More Impact.
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Personalized Mobile Experiences in Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Build lasting and loyal customer relationships across all channels, starting with a consistent and 1:1 personalized customer experience that maximizes the mobile channel in your industry.

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Accelerating business outcomes for global brands

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Personalize the entire mobile experience in real time

Customers use the mobile device to engage with their favorite brands daily. Every time, something changes in their journey. Stay on top of the entire customer experience by using all data to predict, personalize, and contextualize every customer interaction with one to one personalization and real-time activity data.

See how Betclic delivered 4X faster personalized notifications with real time data

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Turn all data into customer-centric personalization to retain more customers

All product, purchase, engagement and customer data are accessible to marketers in a single interface that powers customer-centric personalization across all channels.

Use this data to create and deliver channel-agnostic personalization everywhere, including on the mobile device – in push notifications, mobile inbox, messages, and in-app.

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Drive sales with omnichannel product recommendations

Once you’ve set up the Emarsys SDK, you can also send one to one product recommendations to app users. Product recommendations are synchronised consistently across all channels – web, SMS, email, direct mail.

This ensures a consistent experience with tailored product recommendations everywhere.

Total Tools use tailored product recommendations made to drive loyalty

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Identify and retain more customers – online, offline, and on mobile

Engaging customers consistently across offline, online, and on mobile doesn’t need to be hard. The key is to identify them and connect all touchpoints together in one cohesive experience.

The Emarsys Mobile SDK is linked to a real time, consolidated view of the customer. So your marketing efforts are always consistent, relevant, and customer-centric.

Learn from AO how they used all data to focus on the customer

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Unparalleled end-to-end customer experience

Consolidate all data in one place and deliver fully personalized customer experiences in real time across all mobile devices. Fully integrate the mobile channel with modern POS apps, digital wallets, and third party apps used to enhance in-store customer interactions.

See how Trilab grew their database by +33% integrating store data with mobile marketing

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Drive revenue while increasing app usage rate

Measure and improve the impact of mobile on business outcomes with revenue attribution for multi-channel campaigns. Then, dive into mobile-specific metrics with app retention and usage metrics.

See how Runtastic acted on app and customer insights to drive engagement

A complete toolbox maximizing the entire mobile channel

Rich personalized push
In-app messages
In-app product recommendations
Mobile inbox
Silent push
Mobile analytics
Revenue analytics for push
Personalized SMS with link tracking
Built-in SMS use cases
Tailored mobile strategy services
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From mobile marketing basics to advanced in less than a day

Advanced segmentation

Engage and convert more users faster, with lifecycle, predictive and behavioral segmentation that uses all customer data — online, offline, product, sales, mobile, and in-store.

Accelerate sales

With 1:1 product recommendations for push, SMS, and in-app content available in the Mobile SDK, sell more to mobile-centric shoppers and keep them coming back.

Productivity gains

Automate 100% of your mobile marketing campaigns using built-in use cases or custom programs based on real time activity streams.

Accelerating business outcomes for ecommerce & direct-to-consumer businesses


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Crowdsourced strategies

Aligns business objectives with proven
retail customer engagement strategies.

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Proven use cases

Predictable, profitable growth using proven use cases.

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Pre-populated and ready

Accelerate time to value by aligning proven engagement strategies.

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