COVID-19 Retail Response:

4 Pillars of Personalization

How Adopting 1:1 Marketing into Your Digital Strategy Is Critical in the Wake of COVID-19

What’s Inside

  • First-hand insights from brands successfully using true 1:1 personalization to accelerate business outcomes, including:
  • Why your brand benefits from taking a conversational approach to marketing.
  • How brands achieve greater business results by thinking like a consumer first, and marketers second
  • The importance of data (and the three rules brands must follow in order to get quality, actionable data from customers)
  • Why it’s essential to have a customer engagement platform that keeps customers at the forefront of everything you do as a marketer
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Personalization is a customer expectation

Personalization isn’t a novel marketing strategy; it’s now a customer expectation. If you’re not delivering true 1:1 personalized experiences to customers, your competitors will. 

With COVID-19 having such a drastic impact on the lifestyles and shopping habits of consumers, there is now an even greater demand for brands to understand and meet customers’ needs. This means: Adopting 1:1 personalized marketing for your brand’s digital strategy is critical.

Brands that use 1:1 marketing successfully know the 4 Pillars of Personalization

Retail and e-commerce brands who are driving business results by delivering true 1:1 omnichannel personalized experiences to customers have discovered there are 4 Pillars of Personalization.

In this ebook, you’ll hear insights from…

These brands discuss how they followed the 4 Pillars of Personalization, and as a result, built trusted, loyal, and lasting relationships with their customers while accelerating business outcomes for their organization.  

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“For our customer, [personalization] means we’re having a consistent conversation with them. It means whether they’re receiving some communication from us… ideally we’re sending that communication at the right time. We’re personalizing that communication as much as possible.”

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Shane Lenton
CIO, Cue Clothing Co