Sally Salon at Emarsys Revolution 2018

In today’s digital world, many companies rely heavily on technology to drive conversions. But what ever happened to the art of conversation in marketing? The team at Sally Europe believes in utilizing data to determine what the customer wants and how they will benefit.

By focusing on the customer, what they can achieve, and what is going to change for them, Sally Europe was able to leverage conversational marketing to increase email attributed web sales growth by 43% YOY, ATV with recommendation 19%, and total monthly sales attributed to digital communication channels by 20%.

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“Friendship marketing is the concept we’ve been working on for quite a while now — it’s customer-first and having a more conversational approach with customers. The way I always think about it is like this: you can understand their transactions, web interactions, call center [touch points], and in-store… but what about what the customer’s saying? How do you bring that back into your database and leverage that data to then close the loop?”

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Scott Jonsmyth-Clarke
Group CRM & Digital Communications Manager Sally Beauty Europe