Combining Customer Goals With Onsite Behavioral Patterns

Customer Relationship Management is imperative to brand success, brand loyalty, and consumer retention. Bulk Powders wanted to put themselves into the mind of the consumer to create a simplified customer journey using technology. They realized, that in order to best understand the customer they must balance automation with human-led marketing techniques.

By combining customer goals with onsite behavioral patterns, traditional RFM techniques, and technological insights, Bulk Powders was able to create an award-winning CRM strategy. Learn how Bulk Powders created multi-channel, personalized customer experiences that drive business results using a combination of technology and traditional marketing techniques.

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“With Emarsys, we are creating personal 1-to-1 experiences for our 1.5 million customers globally. We have automated 500 unique journeys, which resulted in 70% retention.”

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Mark Sherwood
Global Head of Trading and Marketplaces Bulk Powders

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