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From unifying sales, product, and transactional data to enabling 1:1 personalization and orchestrating sophisticated cross-channel campaigns — find out why tens of thousands of marketers from the world’s most innovative brands have chosen Emarsys to drive revenue and accelerate business outcomes.

Integrated Data Layer

Bring together data sources across your business and activate them across every channel — personalizing every interaction.

See how Emarsys unifies and enriches data

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Personalization Engine

Enrich customer data and segments with AI, turn insights into action, and deliver what customers want, when they want it.

Unlock true 1:1 personalization

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Marketing Automation

Execute simple, single-channel campaigns, or create sophisticated, cross-channel journeys at scale.

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Cross-Channel Execution

Deliver consistent, relevant messaging across email, web, mobile, ads, and more — engaging customers wherever they are.

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Discover why thousands of marketers trust Emarsys’s cross-channel execution to drive customer engagement and accelerate business outcomes.

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Customer Lifecycle Management

Segment contacts by lifecycle, deploy specific tactics to accelerate customers from first purchase to loyal shopper, and view lifecycle reporting — all from within a single platform.

Master Customer Lifecycle Management

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Intelligence & Analytics

Use AI to predict campaign performance and measure customer outcomes. Optimize to maximize engagement across channels without needing a dedicated data team.

Power your analytics with AI

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Strategies & Tactics

Align your strategy to pre-built tactics — best practice, fully customizable journeys built within the platform — that are ready to deploy.

Significantly improve time to value

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Omnichannel Integrations

Accelerate business outcomes with world-class integrated solutions to unify data, personalize campaigns and drive growth.

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