It’s not an easy time for marketers. Expectations are high. Marketing teams are being asked to reach any customer, any time, with personalized experiences, no matter which channel the customer prefers. This means true 1:1 omnichannel customer engagement is a must. 

Not only do consumers have this expectation of marketers, but so do their businesses. And to make matters more difficult, marketers are often asked to execute a successful omnichannel strategy that delivers results in less time and using fewer resources. 

This task might sound daunting if you don’t have the right technology in place to help you deliver 1:1 omnichannel experiences, or have the right partner to guide you in your omnichannel strategy. And we know many marketers today are facing these very challenges. In fact, one of the reasons we constantly innovate is so that we can empower marketers to rise to the expectations of providing true 1:1 omnichannel engagement to everyone, everywhere. 

Our Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 offers a whole host of new innovations and updated features specifically designed to give more power to marketers and help them deliver more 1:1 omnichannel experiences. 

Read on to learn more about the exciting innovations that are part of the new release. 

Automations and Personalization

Your customers should feel that each and every engagement they receive from your brand was meticulously crafted and uniquely tailored to them as an individual. But your marketing team shouldn’t feel the burden of having to execute that manually, one at a time. 

New automation and personalization features and enhancements in the Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 make it even easier for you to automate and deliver highly relevant 1:1 experiences at any scale. Here are a few:

Tactics for Consumer Products: Our tactics — pre-built, industry-specific automations in the Emarsys solution — help marketers get personalized campaigns up and running quickly. For this release, we’re introducing 10 new tactics to further grow your customer lifetime value, including: Warranty Expiration, Product Registration, Post-Purchase Warranty Cross-Sell, and more. 

Unified Status Across the Automation Solution: This UX improvement makes clearer differentiation between “pausing” and “freezing” programs. The result is more simplification and consistency for marketers to adopt programs.  

Self-Serve Value Measurement: This update allows you to easily measure the impact and effectiveness of your automation programs against a set of KPIs such as average order value, email opens, number of purchases and more. 

Previews in Personalization Rules:  Want to make sure your personalization rules are exactly how you want them before launching a campaign? This contact preview feature makes validation even easier, provides more clarity, and helps you better troubleshoot potential personalization issues. 

Run Connected AC Programs: Want to run your connected programs more than once a day? You can now. With this new enhancement, programs starting with “entry from program” node can be triggered multiple times a day, and will no longer have the built-in “wait” node.

Program Distribution: Get more time back in your day. With this improvement, you won’t have to recreate automation use cases across multiple Emarsys accounts. Now you can copy automation programs from one account to another and reduce the errors that could be caused by manual recreation. 

See how the Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 can empower you on your path to true omnichannel engagement.

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User Interface

As a marketer, your plate is full and time is limited. If you’re working hard to get your latest 1:1 campaigns up and running, a cumbersome interface would only slow you down. 

The latest user features and enhancements in the Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 allow you to get to work faster, and then work quickly, easily, with precision. Let’s look a few of those features:

Self-Serve SSO Enablement:  We now give you the option to log-in with a single sign-on. This makes your account user’s log-in experience faster and smoother. 

Adding New Languages: In this update, we’ve made an already marketer-friendly customer engagement solution even more marketer-friendly for marketers in other parts of the world. Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian-Portuguese language versions are now included in the platform. 

Unified Segment Overview: With the addition of a unified segment overview page, we’re closer to a unified segmentation vision. This makes it easier to view and sort your segments, and quickly modify or action them as needed. 

Horizon UI: Yep, we’ll be redesigning the Emarsys UI with a fresh new look! We’re calling it the Horizon UI, and it will make for a more intuitive visual experience while working in the Emarsys solution. However, rest assured that nothing about the user flow you’re accustomed to will change. Look for this UI update to go live after Cyber Monday. 

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When your business is committed to engaging more customers, anywhere they’re at, with omnichannel experiences, teams throughout your organization need to be aligned. Your data, channels, and technology need to be fully integrated. New updates in the Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 empower you to drive omnichannel engagement by making integrations even easier. Some of those updates include:

SAP Commerce Cloud Integration: For SAP Commerce Cloud users, this plug-in connects your store to Emarsys, and automatically syncs your customers, events, and products to the platform. Standard e-commerce automations can be built faster and easier with Emarsys tactics and personalization. 

Account Engagement: Your customers want to be engaged with consistent, relevant experiences, and if your customers are other businesses, you’ll want to have your sales and marketing teams aligned, sharing the same data, to achieve this. This new add-on allows you to use SAP Sales Cloud data for nurturing your contacts by segmenting, engaging, and automating — helping to accelerate deal velocity and grow revenue and lifetime value. 

Final Thoughts

At Emarsys, we’re always looking for ways we can improve our solution so that you, the marketer, can deliver more of the 1:1 omnichannel customer experiences that drive growth and revenue for your business. This pursuit is what drives us to constantly innovate. 

The new innovations and product enhancements included in our latest release, Emarsys Autumn Release 2022, were designed to help marketers engage anywhere, personalize everywhere, reach everyone — and lead them to their goal of true 1:1 omnichannel engagement. 

And as a final note — if you’re currently an Emarsys client and all this innovation sounds exciting to you, the good news is, you can be part of it! Sign up to be a Product Pioneer and you can actually influence and preview new features before they’re widely released. 

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