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Hero Omnichannel Integrations

Need enhanced personalization across every touchpoint? We’ve got you covered.

Emarsys understands a marketing team’s need to personalize every aspect of the customer experience — it’s how you build loyal customers for life. From personalizing your commerce solution-of-choice to optimizing relevant open-time content, or delivering a tailored shipment experience, we’ll help get you there.

Ecosystem Partners integrate into the systems you already use
Technology Partners bring strategic innovation to the Emarsys platform
Cloud Partners help run our technology in the cloud

Ecosystem Partners

Emarsys integrates with the following partners using simple yet sophisticated connectors that make it easy for you to drive personalization across every touchpoint in your customer journey.

Emarsys for SAP Commerce Cloud

Automatically synchronize customers, events, and products with Emarsys to unlock sophisticated automated tactics, smart contact segments, and real-time personalization.

01 Emarsys For Sap Commerce Cloud

Emarsys for Magento

Flexible and scalable, the Emarsys for Magento solution helps you grow your online business through increased personalization.

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02 Magento

Emarsys for Shopify Plus

Emarsys for Shopify Plus allows you to synchronize your customer data to drive omnichannel experiences.

03 Shopify

Emarsys for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

When you combine Emarsys and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can create a unified shopper journey to help you scale your business with confidence.

04 Salesforce

Technology Partners

Emarsys has a wide list of technology partners that add strategic innovation to our customer engagement platform. These partners enhance personalization across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Create personalized, digital customer experiences

Integrating Dynamic Yield with Emarsys creates a unified marketing engine that helps brands quickly deliver and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences.

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08 Dynamic Yield

Build intelligent, micro-moment personalization

Movable Ink generates unique creative that is data-activated and contextually relevant at the time of engagement for each subscriber. Create email content based on each consumer’s location, weather, time, and device at the moment of open. Emarsys then delivers personalized open-time content.

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09 Movableink

Collect first-party data with interactive content

Jebbit is the #1 quiz software for capturing first-party data. Collect first-party data and declared data from your customers via interactive experiences. Consumers engage with content like product matching, trivia, look-books, voting, or personality quizzes. Emarsys uses this data for progressive profiling and to power real-time recommendations.

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10 Jebbit

Increase customer acquisition

MentionMe is the Referral Engineering Platform for growth-obsessed e-commerce brands. Trigger emails based on referral-related events in real time to increase customer acquisition. Deliver personalized referral share links to help drive more referrals.

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11 Mentionme

Drive dynamic, contextual influencer marketing

Connect Pixlee content directly into Emarsys emails with photos and text reviews and real-time updates based on what content is converting. With our TurnTo API integration, you can easily build Star Reviews and Photos with purchase and intent data.

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13 Pixlee

Personalize SMS and MMS campaigns

As the most comprehensive text message marketing solution, Attentive drives an average of 20.5% online revenue for modern e-commerce brands. Integrating with Emarsys unlocks personalized SMS and MMS.

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14 Attentive

Accelerate email list growth at scale

Wunderkind is a Performance Marketing Engine that delivers tailored experiences to individuals at scale. Capture more users across devices with behavioral onsight list growth campaigns. Identify up to 40% of site traffic that would otherwise be anonymous. Retarget and convert more upper funnel visitors with Smart AI segments.

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15 Wunderkind

Cloud Partners

Emarsys uses a Relational Data Connector to support your external database of choice to power segmentation and personalization at scale. Release connectors include: SAP HANA on-premise, SAP HANA Cloud, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, Microsoft SQL, Azure SQL, and Snowflake.

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Enable Google Analytics in campaign management

Automatically add Google Analytics-specific tracking parameters to understand user engagement that powers campaign performance.

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16 Google

Deliver revenue-driving Facebook ads

Capture new leads from any Facebook form directly into your Emarsys database to deliver tailored welcome programs. Easily connect all your data with the Facebook Conversions API to gain a full view of your customers across multiple channels and connect with them in real time.

17 Facebook

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Customer Lifecycle Exported

Customer Lifecycle Management

Segment contacts by lifecycle, deploy specific tactics to accelerate customers from first purchase to loyalty, and view lifecycle reporting — all from within a single platform.

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Intelligence Analytics Exported

Intelligence & Analytics

Use AI to predict campaign performance, measure customer outcomes, and optimize to maximize engagement across channels — without the need for a dedicated data team.

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Strategies Tactics Exported

Strategies & Tactics

Align your strategy to pre-built tactics — best practice, fully customizable journeys built within the platform — that are ready to deploy.

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