Have a Magento 2 Store?

Find out how you can leverage your first-party data to accelerate your company’s revenue, growth, and time to value.

What’s Inside

  • How AI marketing automation accelerates time to value and supports your business growth.
  • A way you can automatically predict the future value of each customer.
  • The quickest way you can increase your Customer Lifetime Value without spending months on integrating a new piece of marketing technology. 

Scale Your Business

Marketing technology is the one thing a brand can use to keep pace with competitors. But adding more technology to your tech stack comes with the problem of managing it all. This overwhelms marketers and forces them to focus on multiple manual, repetitive tasks and pulls them away from the profitable, creative work they are there to perform.

The good news is that with your Magento 2 store, you can automate repetitive tasks and even see a prediction of the future value of each customer while saving you and your team hours.

Grow Your Company with Loyalty

Loyalty matters now more than ever. In fact, loyal customers spend 67% more on products and services than new customers. Download the whitepaper to find out how you can quickly launch a loyalty program for your Magento 2 store and increase your CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value).

Axminster 1
Paul Martin, Online and SEO Marketers | Axminister Tools & Machinery

“Emarsys came to us with an untapped revenue opportunity. Using our customer purchases and product insights, they found hundreds of replenishable products. Addressing these replenishment use cases are predicted to generate over £300k in the following 60 days.”