In the fiercely competitive e-commerce environment, time is money. E-commerce brands understand how quickly they must move in order to defeat the competition and capture and keep customers.

As the second most popular e-commerce platform, Shopify has captured 21% of the e-commerce market and caters to everyone from small businesses with their standard platform, all the way to enterprise-level companies with Shopify Plus.

Unlike other platforms, Shopify Plus requires little to no development work for integrating third-party apps and includes out-of-the-box templates so just about anyone can easily create their own online store.

Time to Value and Your Tech Stack

Many marketing organizations use multiple pieces of technology to run campaigns. These often include an e-commerce platform (like Shopify Plus), an EMP (Email Marketing Platform), a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a separate piece of software for customer service, an SMS platform, your ad platform, social media management, and possibly more.

All this martech is helpful in creating and launching campaigns, but there’s one major flaw: each piece of tech has a separate database. Because of this, all your customer data is siloed from one another.

It’s as if you and your best friend both have a mobile phone, but you can only communicate with each other through snail mail using a piece of paper and a dull crayon.

This siloed data slows down your team as they have to manually sift through each piece of information on each platform in order to create and launch what they believe is the best campaign for your company.

Your team may even have to pull in other internal departments to compile the data so you can sort through it all. This costs your company time and money.

This is where measuring time to value is effective because it looks at the speed to market… how long it takes to put your new piece of technology to work and free up your team to be more productive.

If it takes your competitor 90 days to activate new marketing strategies with new technology, which is the average, and it only takes you 30 days, you gain a competitive edge and can see faster revenue growth.

How to Unlock Your Shopify Plus E-commerce Data

Shopify Plus provides an amazing platform to reach customers, plus the mobile checkout experience is beyond compare. Customers can purchase without filling-in shipping or billing data as the information is already stored on your phone and auto-completes for you when checking out.

Shopify Plus is ahead of the curve. The value of mobile e-commerce has shot up 213% in just the past few years, from $1.5 trillion in 2013 to $3.2 trillion in 2017. So it’s best to create an amazing mobile experience that keeps customers happy.

Predictive Marketing

What if you could predict the future value of each customer, such as purchase probability, engagement probability, future value, and product affinity? Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to find out how you gain access to something this powerful.


Shopify Plus has a simple process that just about anyone can use to integrate a number of third-party apps. The problem? All the data lives on separate databases, siloed from each other. This makes it difficult for your team to create the best decisions for your company and customers.

But there’s a way you can take all your Shopify Plus data, including all your various integrations, and use that information to drive sales.

By integrating Shopify Plus with Emarsys, you gain access to a full 360-degree view of each client.

You’ll be able to predict the future value of each customer, such as purchase probability, engagement probability, future value, and product affinity. This integration will enable you and your team to support your business goals and growth.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel

Shopify Plus is a multi-channel platform that enables your company to interact with customers in the channels your customers prefer, such as social, mobile, and email.

But this is different from omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel provides customers with an integrated shopping experience across any channel. You can reach customers from their mobile device, a website, in-store (offline), through social media, or even in an online ad… the experience is the same.

With the Shopify Plus Emarsys integration, you can leverage the built-in AI to deliver one-to-one personalization through tactics you can rapidly implement. Plus the time to value is very quick. Omnichannel marketing is activated in as little as one day.

You simply choose a strategy you want to improve and select and activate a recommended pre-populated tactic that’s ready to launch. You’ll have the power to seamlessly configure the entire customer journey across multiple channels.

Final Thoughts

The Emarsys integration with Shopify Plus connects all your data streams from one single plug-in and hands you access to all your data in one display.

You and your team can leverage all this data to create a host of segments based on all the customer information collected such as location, purchase history, website behavior, and any other relational data added to your system.

Basically, you’ll be able to turn all the data from your Shopify Plus store into additional revenue.

Your marketing team will have the power to make the best decisions in connecting one-to-one with customers on their preferred channel… a true omnichannel approach.

You’ll even be able to use a loyalty program, built right into the integration, to increase your CTLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and drive repeat purchases without having to give out discounts.

With an eye on time to value, it’s our priority that your Shopify Plus store will be connected to the Emarsys Platform in as little time as possible so you can be up and running quickly.

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