Along with the rest of the world, marketers have just lived through tumultuous and fast-changing times. The ways we reach customers and continue to engage them have undergone a dramatic shift. Things that worked in the past are no longer as effective, and new techniques are emerging all the time. 

But despite their own challenges, marketers know that consumers look to their most trusted brands for the tools they need to live fulfilling lives. Marketers are the ones who help people connect with everything from vital resources to take care of their families to entertaining weekend fun. Marketers are awesome, and it’s time we celebrated you!

After these fast-changing years, it’s time to reconnect with everything that led you to a career in marketing in the first place and discover new ways to grow your business. That’s why I’m inviting you to the Power to the Marketer Festival, a multi-day event you can attend in person or virtually to learn what’s working in today’s market. You’ll pick up new strategies and leave inspired and energized. 

You’re Doing More with Less

Marketers are expected to balance a growing list of roles, spanning customer experience, brand, digital marketing, CRM, customer retention, and more. In 29% of cases, retail marketers must look after all these functions within their single role. With teams expected to do more with the same (or less) resources, how can you remain effective and continue to innovate?

The answer lies in working smarter, not harder. Omnichannel marketing is more important today than ever before, as customers are fragmented across their preferred social media and other communication networks. The good news is that savvy marketers are integrating data and deploying omnichannel campaigns to generate great results. Learn what’s working from your peers creating innovative campaigns with omnichannel marketing during the Power to the Marketer Festival. 

Personalization Is Hard… And It’s Tied to Revenue

When it comes to improving customer experiences, securing repeat purchases, and ultimately driving revenue, personalization is king. Despite the overwhelming majority of marketers recognizing this fact, retail marketers still struggle to make time for effective personalized campaigns. When asked, 67% say they would like to spend more time improving personalized product recommendations, while 91% need more time to get to know their customers as individuals. Find more information on these stats in our Retail Roadblocks ebook.

How We’re Celebrating Marketers!

To celebrate all your hard work, we’re bringing marketers together in a celebration where they can share ideas, forge new bonds, and learn real techniques you can apply right away.

  • Hear inspiring stories: You don’t have to go it alone when figuring out streamlined, easy-to-implement ways to personalize customers’ experience with your brand. Hear success stories and case studies of what has worked for key brands at the Power to the Marketer Festival and get key takeaways you can start implementing immediately.
  • Push your performance: Connect with peers and learn how to improve your omnichannel marketing and automation execution from experts.
  • Learn from innovative brands: Hear how top brands are delivering 1:1 customer experiences that make a real impact.
  • Workshops and training: Learn how to apply new knowledge and skills to your own brand’s needs.

Learn From Anywhere

  • Learn from anywhere: While in-person synergy is great for building your network and recharging your batteries, if you don’t have the time to attend the Power to the Marketer Festival live, sign up for virtual access and get all the key learnings from the comfort of your home office. 

Raise a Glass with Us at the Festival

Every day, you’re making an impact on your business and the world. Join us at the Power to the Marketer Festival as we raise a glass to past successes and share content that will help you achieve even more!