The Business

Retail/E-commerce, Sports & Outdoors
Växjö, Sweden
Operating since 1926

Outnorth is an online store which owns and sells Scandinavian outdoor/activity brands. The company represents quality, design, and excellent functionality.

With an online presence since 2005, Outnorth’s roots trace back to 1926. It is a well-known distribution partner for name brands that offers secure safe payment and worldwide shipping.

The Challenge

  • Understand more about customers
  • Growing efficiency small team
  • Understand and optimize campaign performance

When Outnorth was looking for a new provider, their initial goal was to find a solution that would enable them to start creating more dynamic campaigns that would improve their productivity and ability to personalize customer communication.

After researching various options, the marketing team’s main requirement was to make sense of the data by revealing information about customer types and shopping behaviors to then infuse their marketing strategy with those insights.

Outnorth also wanted to move away from generic send lists, segment data according to their different customer types, and start building individual strategies to target customers. The broad nature of their previous targeting capabilities wasn’t delivering the kind of engagement via email that they were seeing on their website. The marketing team needed to be able to identify and segment their users to maximize relevance without stretching their own marketing resources.

Outnorth needed the ability to see how well their email campaigns were performing, including the value and uplift that email delivered. A product range of more than 11,000 items combined with standard newsletter blasts meant that the marketing team had a hard time pinpointing performance drivers and identifying valuable customer types.

The Solution

The powerful data processing and execution capabilities of the Emarsys platform was the perfect solution to Outnorth’s needs. With data-science-driven insights, Outnorth were able to understand more about their customers, including distribution across the lifecycle and what factors drove engagement and conversion.

The Impact

With Emarsys, Outnorth have transformed fragmented operational data into smart insights, allowing them to understand their customers’ purchasing behavior and product affinities. The combination of smart segmentation, powerful multi-step automation, and highly responsive reporting has enabled their marketing team to better understand customers, act on the new information, and refine their marketing strategy with a new level of agility that is truly driving results from acquisition to retention.

+12% Revenue uplift from campaign participants
+24.6% uplift from First-Time Buyer campaign
+17.9% uplift from Inactive Buyer campaign
+270% uplift from Birthday campaign
40 campaigns automated across customer lifecycle stages in six countries

“Emarsys offers a unique combination of powerful tools and user-friendliness that means that it is easy for a marketer to use. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge to make the most of the features, and the instant reporting makes it easy to analyse progress on-the-fly.”

Quote Outnorth
– Henrik Wilnersson,
Head of Online Marketing, Outnorth

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