The Omnichannel Shopper: Why Marketers Must Adapt to Omnichannel Before the Holiday Season [Infographic]

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As marketers, we’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of consumer behavior. It began with the increase in online shopping, and then consumers ditched their desktops for mobile and we saw mobile purchases skyrocket. Because of this, many brands have turned their focus to a certain channel, convinced that a certain channel is where their customers spend the most time with their brand.

But the reality is that most shoppers switch between several channels every day. Not only that, but customers all have different, unique lifecycle journeys, meaning they all come to your brand and engage in a way that works for them, not for you. So for brands, this means you need to be focused on creating an omnichannel experience to catch customers at every possible touchpoint.

From the very first sale of the holiday season to the very last, your current and prospective customers will interact with you on several different channels and expect a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience. If you haven’t started implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy, these data points should compel you to get started before the year-end holiday season kicks off.

The Omnichannel Shopper
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