Conversations around ChatGPT have been flooding the digital “airwaves” the past several months. And with good reason. This AI-powered chatbot, which was developed by OpenAI and launched in November of last year, uses an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence language model that understands natural language and can generate human-like responses to text-based inputs. 

What does this mean in a practical sense? Well, for some, ChatGPT is simply a fun and highly interactive technological novelty. Give it any quirky input or request, and you’ll be amazed at the kind of response you get. (For example, ask ChatGPT to make up song lyrics in the style of Bruce Springsteen or Taylor Swift, and the results are uncanny.) Meanwhile, others are more focused on the business applications of this kind of technology, from content creation to information gathering to customer service and more. 

Then, there are marketers, many of whom are wondering: Will ChatGPT put me out of a job? The answer is a resounding “no.”

ChatGPT will not replace the work you do as a marketer. In fact, ChatGPT will actually make you better at what you do. I feel confident in saying this, considering Emarsys already has a great deal of expertise in understanding AI and knowing its full potential. Powerful AI technology is built into our omnichannel customer engagement platform, and we see firsthand on a daily basis how AI empowers marketers and helps them deliver greater results. 

For the naysayers who have been viewing this technology as a threat to marketing teams, I challenge you to reconsider and instead embrace this as an opportunity to improve your work and quality of life. 

Bringing More Power to Marketers with ChatGPT and AI

ChatGPT has stirred a great deal of excitement in our industry. I’ve been keeping an eye on not only the conversation surrounding this technology, but also the potential use cases for it. 

Although I may occasionally poke fun at it, I’m enormously impressed by its strengths. For example, I recently shared an example of just how powerful ChatGPT is at inferring and acquiring context from a potentially ambiguous dataset. In another example, I showed ChatGPT’s ability to apply proven strategies to unique scenarios to reveal new insights. (Ever wonder how Napoleon’s warfare strategy can help you navigate the chaos of shopping on Black Friday? See my post to find out.)

Those are just a few examples, and the applications are seemingly limitless. But as I think of all the ways ChatGPT and other AI applications will help marketers, it will ultimately come down to freeing marketers to focus more on creativity and providing them with the data insights that make them better at their jobs. In fact, a recent study from researchers at MIT suggests ChatGPT can boost productivity and improve ideation for workers.   

I’m not the only one who sees how this technology can help marketers. SAP Emarsys CEO Joanna Milliken recently shared her thoughts on ChatGPT and some of the exciting ways that Emarsys envisions incorporating it into the platform. You can watch the video below.

Now, to follow up on what Joanna said, I’d like to go deeper into some of the ways we at Emarsys believe AI technology like ChatGPT will empower marketers and make their lives easier. 

Create Personalized, Engaging Content at Scale, Save Time and Resources

We know that engaging customers with highly relevant, personalized experiences is essential for today’s marketers. After all, it’s what builds and nurtures loyal, lasting relationships with customers that result in better business outcomes. The ability to do that at scale as the business grows is even more paramount. 

The Emarsys platform is already designed to help marketers create and deliver relevant 1:1 content at scale. Part of how we do that is through the power of AI, which drives features like Predict, our self-learning product recommendation engine, or Send Time Optimization, which ensures the right message reaches the right customer at the most optimal time. But as we build our roadmap for the future, we’ll continue to leverage the power of AI and explore the potential of Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT to make it even easier to create and scale personalized omnichannel engagement

Not only can AI help with the lift of generating personalized content, but it can also analyze your customer data and curate content and campaigns that are precisely tailored to your customer’s specific interest and behaviors. If you’re using personalized product recommendations — what are your top performing products? Which product will be the most effective for your particular campaign, based on your data? AI can quickly make these decisions for you, ensuring your campaigns make the most impact on the targeted audience. 

Through AI it becomes easier to create content, make it relevant, and deliver it to the right audiences. The result: you, as a marketer, can work faster, achieve more, using less time and resources, to deliver the results your business demands.

See how Brand Alley uses the power of AI to scale 1:1 personalization, reduce customer churn, and optimize business outcomes.

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Strengthen Your Marketing Performance and Revenue Impact

Your skill as a marketer extends into many different areas. Developing creative content and campaigns is only part of it — you’re also thinking strategically. 

Which segments should you target? Where are there opportunities for growth? Which patterns and trends should you capitalize on to make the greatest marketing impact? These are the kinds of questions you’re constantly asking and answering in order to achieve your revenue goals. It’s an irreplaceable skill you possess, but through the power of AI, you can actually boost that skill. 

At Emarsys, we’re already leveraging AI in our platform to ensure our clients can make smarter decisions to optimize their marketing efforts and increase their impact on revenue. Technologies like ChatGPT will only continue to enhance this and will help reveal insights hidden in your data that tell you which campaigns, channels, and products will deliver the best ROI, and which patterns or trends will lead to more revenue. With this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to better drive your marketing strategy to achieve greater revenue impact. 

Prudence Over Haste

“We always innovate.” It’s one of our core values at Emarsys. Part of what drives innovation is an ability to embrace the latest technology and find new, exciting applications for it. ChatGPT is a perfect example of an emerging technology with so many applications, and it’s ripe for innovation. 

However, “we never settle” is also a core value at Emarsys. It means we don’t settle for “OK” or “good.” We want the best. So when it comes to innovation, we believe prudence and caution should never be dismissed. Quality and efficacy should never be sacrificed for speed to market.  

Emarsys already incorporates AI and machine learning in our omnichannel customer engagement platform, and the results are powerful. But this came from careful testing and application to ensure that this technology would deliver value for our customers. Rest assured, as we continue exploring the potential for ChatGPT in our product roadmap, we’ll never rush an application of it out of haste. 

Final Thoughts

At Emarsys, our vision is to bring power to the marketer, helping them reach more customers and accelerate business outcomes. From our perspective, ChatGPT is in perfect alignment with that vision. 

ChatGPT has the potential for many exciting use cases to bring more power to marketers, and we’ve already begun prototyping how this technology will work within the Emarsys platform to enable our clients to better engage customers and drive results. Although I’d be excited to announce them all right now, I know our product and development teams are hard at work optimizing, refining, and improving these use cases even further. 

Stay tuned for future updates about how Emarsys is using ChatGPT and other AI-powered technology to bring more power to marketers. In the meantime, we’ll be releasing some exciting new product innovations on March 22, 2023 as part of our Emarsys Spring Release

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