Hear about how Emarsys is Empowering Marketers Through Constant Innovation on November 17

Indianapolis, US, November 16, 2022 — Leading omnichannel engagement platform Emarsys, an SAP company, has announced new innovations and updated functionality specifically designed to give more power to marketers and help them deliver more 1:1 omnichannel experiences as part of its Emarsys Autumn Release 2022.

New Automation and Personalization functionality makes it even easier for marketers to automate and deliver highly relevant 1:1 experiences at scale. Among these are:

  • Tactics for Consumer Products: Pre-built, industry-specific automations in the Emarsys solution — helps marketers get personalized campaigns up and running quickly. We’ve added new tactics specifically for consumer products businesses. We’ve added 10 new tactics such as merchandise cross-sell, quality trade-up, warranty expiration, product registration, and more!
  • Contact Preview Validation: This contact preview feature makes validation even easier, and helps you better troubleshoot potential personalization issues – allowing marketers to ensure personalization rules are exactly the way they want them before a campaign goes live? This contact preview feature makes validation even easier, provides more clarity, and helps you better troubleshoot potential personalization issues.
  • Program Distribution: With this improvement, users can now easily copy automation programs from one account to another and reduce the errors that could be caused by manual recreation. The removal of having to recreate automation use cases across multiple Emarsys accounts gives marketers more time back in their day

Updates to the User Interface allow marketers to leverage a solution that makes it easy to execute quickly and effectively. Features include:

  • Unified Segment Overview: With the update of a unified segment overview page, this makes it easier to view, sort, modify, and manage in a single view.  we’re closer to a unified segmentation vision.. 
  • New Languages: 75% of global customers want product information in their native language**, and in this update, we’ve made an already marketer-friendly customer engagement solution even more marketer-friendly for marketers in other parts of the world. Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian/Portuguese language versions are now included in the platform. 
  • Self-Serve SSO Enablement:  According to NordPass*, the average person has 100 passwords to remember – now, marketers can now log-in with a single sign-on, making the account user’s log-in experience faster and smoother.

And finally, additional Integrations across SAP CX have been made it even easier, to empower marketers to drive omnichannel engagement and allow them to reach and engage customers, anywhere they’re at:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Integration Improvements: SAP Commerce Cloud users now have a plug-in connecting their store to Emarsys, automatically syncs their customers, events, and products to the platform. Standard e-commerce automations can be built faster and easier with Emarsys tactics and personalization. 
  • Account Engagement: customers want to be engaged with consistent, relevant experiences. If these customers are other businesses it’s imperative that sales and marketing teams are aligned, sharing the same data and insights to accelerate deal cycles and increase lifetime value.. This new add-on allows marketers to use SAP Sales Cloud data for segmentation, personalization and automation and collaborate with sales on targeted campaigns to more effectively engage contacts at their accounts, saving time while producing higher quality leads and generating more revenue.  

“Reaching the continuously changing omnichannel expectations of empowered customers has never been more critical or difficult. Customers expect every interaction with a brand is personalized and in the moment. This means that marketing teams must move quickly and demonstrate business outcomes faster than ever before, commented Meghann York, Global Head of Product Marketing & Solutions Management at Emarsys.

“This task might sound daunting if you don’t have the right technology in place to help you deliver 1:1 omnichannel experiences. In this release, we’re delivering personalization and automation functionality that enables marketers to launch, adjust and scale campaigns quickly amidst everchanging business and market demands. We’ve also launched additional integrations across SAP Customer Experience portfolio that make it easy to provide 1:1 omnichannel engagement to everyone, everywhere.”

Emarsys empowers brands around the world to deliver truly personalized omnichannel experiences that accelerate predictable and profitable business outcomes.

By listening to customers and delivering innovation they expect, Emarsys brings power to the marketer – with more features announced into Pilot including Mobile Wallet which allows marketers to launch campaigns using wallet passes, Conversation Channels, which allows marketers to engage customers on preferred chat channels like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and Enhanced CDP Integration, which allows marketers to and synchronize consumer identity.

To hear more about Emarsys innovations, register for our Product Keynote Webinar – Empowering Marketers Through Innovation – with Emarsys CEO Joanna Milliken, CTO Byron Pitney and Global Head of Product Marketing Meghann York, on November 17 2022. Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • The current expectations marketers face (and how they can successfully navigate them) 
  • The path to true omnichannel engagement: What it looks like, and how Emarsys helps marketers along their journey
  • How Emarsys is poised help brands deliver more experiences during the upcoming critical holiday season
  • Our top three most-requested features, and how they help brands accelerate omnichannel customer engagement
  • Upcoming innovations like the Mobile Wallet, Conversation Channels, In-App and Real-Time Web Personalization, CP and B2B Strategies and Tactics, and more!
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how Gibson Guitars uses Emarsys to deliver truly personalized omnichannel experiences that build relationships and drive revenue.