Empowering Marketers Through Innovation


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Empowering Marketers through Innovation

At Emarsys, we’re dedicated to bringing more power to marketers through continuous innovation. That’s why we announced at the Power to the Marketer festival, our exciting new features created specifically with the marketer in mind, to support them, and to help them engage anywhere, personalize everywhere, and reach anyone, no matter the audience or scale of their business. 

Emarsys CEO Joanna MillikenCTO Byron Pitney, and Global Head of Product Marketing Meghann York, deep dived into the latest innovations and enhancements coming to Emarsys in 2023.

They discussed: 

  • The current expectations marketers face (and how they can successfully navigate them)  
  • The path to true omnichannel engagement: What it looks like, and how Emarsys helps marketers along their journey
  • How Emarsys is poised help brands deliver more experiences during the upcoming critical holiday season
  • Our top three most-requested features, and how they help brands accelerate omnichannel customer engagement
  • Upcoming innovations like the Mobile WalletConversation ChannelsIn-App and Real-Time Web Personalization, CP and B2B Strategies and Tactics, and more!
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how Gibson Guitars uses Emarsys to deliver truly personalized omnichannel experiences that build relationships and drive revenue

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