Today’s consumer is everywhere at once, hyper-connected and hyper-involved. For marketers, this can pose either a challenge or an opportunity; will our message get lost in the onslaught of content, or will we reach more customers than ever before?

There is definitely sound evidence on both sides. With so much information constantly entering the consumer consciousness, it can be hard to get attention and focus. However, by harnessing the power of specific marketing channels and leveraging their benefits to the fullest, marketers can break through the noise and communicate 1:1 with their target audience.

So why is cross-channel marketing imperative for today’s savvy marketer? Let’s look at some answers:

It Lets Marketers Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time.

In the past, the customer communication channels available to marketers were slim. The phrase ‘the right message, to the right person, at the right time’ really boiled down to optimizing email sends and ensuring in-store branding was consistent.

Now, cross-channel campaigns combine email, point-of-sale, SMS, voice, and social media campaigns to truly personalize the buying experience. Marketers can track social media transactions, text responses, and digital ad clicks to gain a fuller picture of target audiences.

With these holistic pictures of ideal consumers, marketers can create highly personalized campaigns that speak directly to consumers’ pain points via the most appropriate channels. Integrating these campaigns allows for consistent messaging and promotion; marketing efforts can finally break through the wall of noise and engage with customers at the right moment.

Marketers Can Now Connect with Customers in Real Time.

With all of these channels available, consumers are also more comfortable communicating 1:1 with brands and organizations. This is important for marketers, since consumers are 70% more likely to tell people about negative experiences, usually through social media or review sites. Cross-channel marketing means that marketers know, in real time, when negative reviews are posted so they can immediately assess the situation and address it accordingly.

This two-way communication works both ways. Marketers can keep loyal customers up to date with new offers, products, or events. With messages running through multiple channels, the probability of consumers seeing this news and taking action rises considerably.

Data-Backed Decisions Become the Norm, Not the Exception.

Cross-channel marketing opens up even more avenues for marketers to collect and analyze consumer data. All interactions are measured and stored to help marketers make data-backed strategic decisions. With deep consumer insights at their fingertips, marketers can head down a path of data and analytics.

Leveraging this data is a step towards personalized advertising and customized engagement. Satisfied customers are 60% more likely to recommend or promote a brand, meaning an increase in both new and repeat business.

Final Thoughts

Cross-channel and multichannel marketing campaigns are not only trends for today’s marketers; they are necessities. There are so many ways to reach today’s consumers, and it’s up to marketers to build a detailed strategy across all available channels to maximize reach and results. 

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