The Business

Total Tools is Australia’s largest professional tool retailer, selling to customers of different trades. They are a franchise network with more than 100 stores across Australia and an online offering of more than 20,000 products.

Retail & E-commerce, Home & Garden
100 retail stores
Online offering of 20,000+ products

The Challenge

  • Data in silos
  • Agile execution
  • Personalizing based on different personas
  • Consistent messaging across multiple channels
  • Integrating loyalty throughout omnichannel experiences

Before Emarsys, Total Tools’ martech stack wasn’t able to drive a seamless omnichannel experience and a unified customer view. 

Although they were engaging with customers across multiple channels (email, SMS, online search) they weren’t having a coordinated conversation about the customer and the products that they were showing interest in, because they weren’t sharing any customer data between channels. Because their customers engage in different trades, Total Tools needed a solution that helped them learn customer behavior to effectively personalize their strategy.

Additionally, because they stored data in silos, Total Tools faced friction in their loyalty program. Customers didn’t feel they were getting sufficient value for their participation.

“We wanted to deliver value in real time. So when our customers show interest in a product and they have a need, we’re there with the right message in the right channel. And we also wanted to deliver more tailored product recommendations based on what we knew about our consumer.”

Quote Totaltools
Elisse Jones
Group Head of Loyalty, Total Tools

The Solution

With Emarsys, Total Tools stitched together all of their data points into one unified customer view, allowing them to accelerate their 1-to-1 personalization maturity. By using the Emarsys automation center and pre-built tactics, Total Tools was able to create a more engaging loyalty experience and enhance their omnichannel capabilities.

Omnichannel Loyalty

With a holistic view of the customer and all the data in one place, Total Tools was able to use tactics to launch 20 key data-driven automations almost immediately. They also were able to reduce their reliance on email and become more channel-agnostic, building synergy across communications and unifying multichannel delivery.

With these new capabilities, Total Tools relaunched its loyalty program, Insider Rewards, now fully integrated into each channel and interaction. This freed up the team to use their loyalty program to drive more relevant engagements with customers.

Agile Execution

Total Tools wanted a solution that was marketer-friendly so they could be agile in their delivery to market. The ease of Emarsys’ drag-and-drop tokens and AI insights freed up their marketing team, allowing them to amplify the data they had access to and bring it to the forefront for customer engagement and personalization.

The Impact

200% increase in loyalty sign-ups online
15x return on investment for CRM ads (Google and Facebook)
30% increase in active customers in based on the Emarsys Smart insight definition of active
2x increase in click-through rates from adding AI product recommendations
16x increase in open rates on lifecycle automations compared with everyday campaigns
20% uplift on automation driving retention

“Emarsys has become the center of how we orchestrate the conversation with our customers. We’re using the customer’s interactions with our brand to drive a conversation with them.

And with AI and machine learning doing the heavy lifting for us, driving personalization at scale, we can focus on delivering a more rewarding customer experience.”

Quote Totaltools
Elisse Jones,
Group Head of Loyalty, Total Tools

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