In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, marketers are faced with a daunting challenge – delivering more results for their business, while meeting the high expectations of continually-demanding customers. 

This is where omnichannel marketing comes in. By connecting customer, sales, and product data and integrating marketing channels, omnichannel empowers marketers to deliver 1:1 personalized engagements, no matter where customers choose to engage. 

If you need a little inspiration to kickstart your omnichannel marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share the stories of 5 trailblazing brands that have used omnichannel marketing to overcome their organizational challenges and drive tangible business outcomes. 

1. Adore Beauty

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Challenge: Adore Beauty had always been a step ahead of the competition in terms of personalization, and they’d invested in marketing automation. However, as the business grew, these automations became outdated, no longer accounting for the full customer journey. 

With the influx of customer acquisition during COVID-19, Adore Beauty saw an opportunity not only to retain new customers, but also to drive repeat purchases from its existing customer base. 

Solution: In partnership with Emarsys, Adore Beauty drove adoption of its integrated loyalty program, achieving:

  • Revenue increase by 47% in the last 2 years
  • 5.5x customer lifetime value over acquisition costs
  • 95% of most valuable customers captured by loyalty program
  • 56% customer retention increase compared to the previous year

“The launch of the Emarsys loyalty add-on allowed us to deliver a loyalty program in a very timely and cost-effective way, while seamlessly integrating into each cross-channel engagement to enhance relevancy and personalization for our customers.”

Miranda Bliss Headshot
Miranda Bliss
Head of Loyalty & Retention, Adore Beauty

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2. Lorna Jane

Challenge: Lorna Jane is a leading women’s activewear brand, with a focus on creating products that make women feel supported, and not held back, by their clothing. Their marketing needed to reinforce this, so they set their sights on omnichannel marketing to help them create smarter shopping experiences at scale. 

Solution: Taking a value-first approach with downloadable resources designed to inform consumers, as opposed to discount-driven incentives, Lorna Jane won valuable first-party data from existing and potential customers. 

  • 44.6% of new online sign-ups from lead ads
  • 10x CPL content ads vs discount-driven ads

Linked to a welcome automation with a unique promotion code that customers can redeem in-store and online, they drive:

  • Up to 33% CVR from their welcome email
  • 70.5% open rate
  • 17.8% click-through rate (a 164% increase)
  • 25% decrease in unsubscribe rate

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3. Beauty Pie

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Challenge: As a wildly successful market disruptor, Beauty Pie was on a mission to find an email marketing platform that could support its rapid scaling and long-term growth. They needed a strategy that would allow them to connect their zero and first-party data, build powerful automations and take their personalization to the next level. So, they set their sights on omnichannel marketing. 

Solution: By integrating their zero and first-party data with Emarsys and building a solid foundation of email automation, Beauty Pie is now able to deliver 1:1 personalized emails enriched with cross-channel data that deliver meaningful, relevant product recommendations at scale. 

The results from their new strategy speak for themselves: 

  • 35% of revenue attributed to email
  • +88% YoY growth from automation
  • +32% growth in web traffic from email

“Having [the Emarsys Strategic Services Team] on hand to challenge and bring in the expertise of how they’ve done it before with other brands has really helped us reshape initiatives and challenge the thinking of our approach.”

Chloe Pepper, Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie
Chloe Pepper
Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie

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4. Total Tools

Challenge: Despite engaging with their customer base across multiple channels, leading Australian DIY retailer Total Tools didn’t have a martech stack that could support full omnichannel marketing automation. To deliver the customer experience they wanted, they needed a platform that could integrate their marketing channels and unify their data to provide a unified view of their customers. 

Solution: Using Emarsys, Total Tools brought together all of their data sources, enabling them to scale 1:1 personalization. This gave their team the time they needed to drive more relevant customer engagements. 

Powered by Emarsys tactics, Total Tools was able to launch 20 data-driven automations almost instantly, breaking their dependence on email and becoming more channel-agnostic. 

Standout results from this new strategy include:

  • 200% increase in loyalty program sign-ups
  • 15x ROI from CRM ads
  • 16x open rates on lifecycle automations

“With AI and machine learning doing the heavy lifting for us, driving personalization at scale, we can focus on delivering a more rewarding customer experience.”

Elisse Jones. National Loyalty Manager, Total Tools
Elisse Jones
Group Head of Loyalty, Total Tools

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5. Feel Good Contacts

Challenge: Feel Good Contacts is the UK’s leading retailer of contact lenses. Before partnering with Emarsys, they were looking to gain a better understanding of their customer and grow their cross-channel personalization capabilities, so they could deliver a seamless experience that drove cart upsells and customer retention. 

Solution: By integrating their cross-channel data and gaining fresh insights from customer buying patterns, they were able to build new automated customer journeys to give new customers better buying opportunities, drive upsells, and increase average order value

They also connected online and offline data, allowing them to build a market-leading app that drove customer retention, cut advertising costs, and delivered a tailored, convenient experience to their customers.

By partnering with Emarsys, they were able to achieve these goals, with results including:

  •  24% of monthly orders through their app
  • 37% conversion rate of existing customers buying in-house brands
  • 13% increase in winning back churning customers
  • +26% YoY revenue growth from welcome and abandoned cart

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