Hello to my fellow lovers of fall! This event season has been exceptionally busy, but it isn’t over yet! To give you all a recap of our September, it looked a lot like this…

September Events

The Emarsys team traveled to LA for Emarsys LIVE, NYC for Emarsys LIVE, Las Vegas for Retail Global, NYC again for MMA SM2, and Dallas for Shop.org, to share all the cool stuff we are doing in the digital marketing space.

Since I have already recapped our Emarsys LIVE events in the US, I will talk about the other three events we participated in this past month.

First, we were super excited to have our VP of Sales, Jim Koepke, give his 5-minute e-Pitch at Retail Global this year. If you missed hearing it live, you can catch a quick 4-minute demo here.

Then, our team went to NYC, where we had our VP of Mobile, David Galante, there with three others from our team, talking about how to use mobile in your digital marketing strategy.

At the same time as SM2, we had others from our team in D-Town for Shop.org, where we were incredibly thrilled to show off our new booth. The turnout was great, and we were able to demo our solution and discuss digital strategies with hundreds of marketers. Not to mention, we hosted a dinner at the Iron Cactus, where we indulged in some great Tex-Mex and a few margaritas with intelligent marketers. Thank you to those who joined us!

October Events

Now, we are already in October, and don’t you even think for a minute that we are slowing down!

First up, our mobile team is hitting the road again to keynote and exhibit at Mobile Shopping in California. David Galante will be speaking again, this time about bridging the web and mobile customer experience to create highly personalized mobile automations.

Then, we are off to Share 16 in San Francisco, where our CMO, Allen Nance, will be speaking on machine learning and artificial intelligence for omnichannel personalization.

After that, we are off to NYC, where our President of the Americas, Sean Brady, is sharing 5 marketing predictions for the next 5 years.

We hope to see you soon!

Curious about where we’ll be in the coming weeks? Be sure to check out our upcoming global events.