Customer data doesn’t come easy. Gone are the days where a simple pop-up form would have customers parting with their personal information at incredible rates in exchange for a one-size-fits-all 10% discount. 

If you want the data you need to personalize your marketing, you need to up your data capture game. That means pumping up the perceived value your customers get from engaging with your brand, and making the experience fun. 

This is where gamification comes in – and it’s Odicci’s backyard. In this article, we’ll share 3 new ways for you to transform your stagnant data capture strategy into a fun experience that has the data points you need flying in. 

What is Gamification in Digital Marketing? 

Gamification in marketing refers to the strategy of applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts to enhance consumer interaction and engagement. This technique leverages the natural human psychological predisposition for gaming to influence consumer behavior. 

Here are some key aspects of how gamification is used in marketing:

  • Engagement: By adding mechanics like points, badges, leaderboards, challenges and rewards, gamification boosts engagement by making marketing experiences more fun. 
  • Behavioral motivation: By setting up systems of rewards and achievements, gamification gives your customers an engaging nudge towards the actions you want them to take, such as visiting the store, trying out a new product line, or leaving a review. 
  • Customer loyalty: Rewards and achievements can foster customer loyalty – the lifeblood of any thriving business. By gaining a sense of achievement and progress by earning points and prizes, you can effectively incentivize your customers to return. 
  • Data collection: It doesn’t just drive engagement and sales – gamification also helps you collect valuable first-party data. As your customers interact with gamified elements and share data in return for rewards, you gain invaluable insights into what motivates them, which types of content they want to see, and what might encourage repeat visits or purchases.
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How to Use Gamification in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can give your data capture a refresh with gamification strategies – powered by Odicci:

1. Surprise and delight your audience with interactive rewards

Old or young, whether they admit it or not, everyone loves getting a pat on the head. It feeds a very specific area of our brain known as the mesolimbic system, which is responsible for motivation. When we get the dopamine burst that comes from receiving a reward, our monkey brains tell us to repeat that behavior. 

This makes rewarding your customers a powerful tool for driving engagement and retention.

By using a platform like Odicci, you can create tailored campaigns that reward customers for their engagement, taps into their desire to win, and keeps them on your site for longer – increasing the chances of conversions.

Rewards in action: Odicci partnered with UK clothing retailer New Look to create an interactive “Peel to Reveal” reward for their customers, resulting in increased engagement, more conversions, and valuable first- and zero-party data. Check out New Look’s other experiences with Odicci in this case study here.

2. Capture data and drive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with gamification 

As humans, we’re naturally competitive creatures. Building interactive games into your digital marketing strategy helps you capitalize on this core human behavior and turn it into tangible business results. 

By adding games to your websites and landing pages, you create a compelling value exchange that motivates customers not only to engage with your content, but to part with their data. This gives you invaluable insights that you can feed into email automation and retargeting campaigns to help secure sales and improve your ROAS. 

Gamification in action: Walmart-owned UK supermarket chain ASDA took a leaf out of this book with an in-app Spin the Wheel game that rewarded their customers for engaging. Over the course of the campaign, they drove an incredible 19.3 million spins. 

3. Personalize the customer journey with interactive quizzes 

Once a customer hits your store, they’re going to have a number of questions. These questions sit between them and making a purchase with your brand. 

  • Which products are right for me? 
  • Does this product solve my problem?
  • Do I understand this topic enough to make a purchase?
  • Which products work well together? 

These can be answered with long-form landing pages, but with constantly shortening attention spans in the digital world, this often isn’t the most feasible option. A far better way to engage your customers, tackle their objections and connect them with the products they need are interactive quizzes.

By using a platform like Odicci, you can build interactive quizzes for your brand that gather data about your customers and use it to help them find what they’re looking for, faster. The best bit? Once you have this data, you can use it in your cross-channel automations to create personalized follow-up campaigns that nudge customers towards purchase.

Quizzes in action: Charlotte Tilbury worked with Odicci and Emarsys to create an interactive “Unlock Your Zodiac Match” quiz that engaged customers and connected them with relevant products. 

Drive Omnichannel Engagement with Emarsys + Odicci 

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