Welcome to Emarsys’ latest product release blog! As we continue our commitment to empower businesses with cutting-edge solutions, we’re thrilled to unveil our most recent enhancements and new innovations designed to elevate the user experience and drive more successful business outcomes.

In this release, we’ve focused on refining our platform to deliver enhanced functionality, seamless integration, and unparalleled performance through investments in omnichannel integrations, scalable infrastructure, generative AI and much more. Whether you’re a marketing professional, a sales leader, or an operations manager, these new features are designed to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and maximize results.

So, without further ado, let’s drive into the exciting enhancements in Emarsys’ latest product update.

Stay Connected with New Features That Drive Omnichannel Excellence

At Emarsys, we understand the crucial role of omnichannel excellence to foster meaningful interactions with customers across all their preferred channels and fuel sustained growth. 

From enhancements to our new mobile wallet functionality to leveraging customized URLs in SMS campaigns and seamlessly integrating LinkedIn Digital Ads, our aim at Emarsys, as always, is to empower marketers with tools to maximize engagement across every touchpoint.

1. Mobile Wallet Enhancements

Mobile Wallet enables our customers to create and distribute pass campaigns to the Apple and Google Mobile Wallet apps via parent channels such as Email, In-app, and Web. Wallet passes were designed to provide convenience for consumers with quick access to their loyalty pass or voucher code, but also give marketers opportunities to gather more data about the customer’s experience in the physical world and improve 1:1 engagement. 

The launch of our Mobile Wallet channel in 2023 has been a big boon to marketers, and we are continuing to refine it and make it an ever more robust tool. The latest updates mean that Mobile Wallet campaigns can also be updated after launch, even after the pass has been added to the end-user’s Wallet app. Plus, we’ve added a new expiry date feature so that marketers have complete control over the time span of the validity date of a pass, giving brands more opportunity to create urgency and encourage action.

2. Digital Ads: LinkedIn Integration (Pilot)

Our new integration with LinkedIn for our Digital Ads channel allows brands the opportunity to tap into LinkedIn’s 1 billion+ members worldwide. Now marketers can push audiences from Emarsys to LinkedIn and display contextually relevant ads to contacts belonging to a specific target account. To make lead acquisition seamless, this feature also allows for real-time contact import via LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms. These are mapped to Emarsys Contact Fields to ensure consistent and accurate profiles, making it easy to nurture new contacts to become buyers.

3. Customized URLs in SMS

With more and more customers expecting SMS interactions from the brands they frequent, we’re focusing on making the Emarsys SMS features among the most robust on the platform. We’ve expanded its capabilities to allow marketers to customize marketing and unsubscribe URLs in their SMS campaigns. This means marketers can now, as a best practice, use a branded domain in the shortened links they share, helping with customer recognition and often leading to higher click-through rates, better user engagement, and greater loyalty and trust in the brand.

4. Email Scheduling Update

We’re always looking for ways to empower marketers and optimize the experience for them. Where better to start than the place many marketers still use as their bread and butter marketing channel, Email? This update streamlines the Advanced Email Scheduling process by removing the Generate Launch List button. A small but important change, users can schedule emails immediately and continue to work on other tasks since list generation runs in the background. The time required to generate a list for email scheduling is also significantly reduced. Now, a launch list will be generated in the background an average of less than a minute before the time of the first scheduled launch (test or final). And ahead of the campaign launch, users will see an estimation of the number of recipients they can expect to receive the campaign, providing transparency, and confidence to reach their target outcomes.

Note: if you are interested in joining one of the active pilots, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Learn how Omnichannel Marketing can drive growth and loyalty. 

Discover the Omnichannel Difference

How Marketer Intelligence Unlocks Insight and Efficiency

In our relentless pursuit to empower marketers with the tools they need to thrive in this fast-changing landscape, we continue to look for ways to help make business decisions insightful and dynamic. Nothing quite gives brands that ability like actionable analytics and AI, which is why we’re leaning into both as we seek to make our platform increasingly user-friendly and results-oriented. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a trio of innovations aimed at elevating marketer intelligence:

1. Event Monitoring in Interactions

With this update, we’re thrilled to announce that Event Monitoring is now available for everyone to use. This feature provides a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage diverse customer-related events in a centralized interface. A history widget shows how events were triggered over time and gives a breakdown by event type and name in the selected time period. Drill in to view events by source and name, or search for events on a contact level. Some applications of this tool include problem-solving, a robust way to analyze trends, and new abilities to track progress. For instance, users can leverage this tool to measure peaks and troughs to better understand user behavior and  investigate contact-level issues, such as contacts not receiving password-reset messages.

2. AI Subject Line Generator (Pilot)

With generative AI’s ability to transform business processes and save marketers time and effort, we’re excited to extend the pilot of our AI Subject Line Generator announced last year. Available when using the email visual content editor (VCE), it uses natural language prompts as an input, making the creation of subject lines intuitive and streamlined for email campaigns. Set baseline creation instructions to follow then let AI analyze campaign content to generate multiple engaging and contextually relevant subject line options to engage customers and prospects. Then further refine the subject lines with additional prompts or use the interactive settings, to fine-tune various iterations to achieve desired results.

3. AI Product Finder (Pilot)

When brands provide customers with targeted product content and offers that are relevant and timely, it increases the chances of converting and delighting that customer. Supporting brands in doing that is paramount to our commitment to support success. That’s why we’re kicking off the pilot stage of our AI Product Finder feature in March. This feature will enable intuitive search of a brand’s extensive product catalog to quickly locate and incorporate the most suitable products into the content of marketing campaigns. Even better, AI Product Finder will be usable out-of-the-box for any template-based email, without long drawn-out setup process for each template or content block within a template, saving valuable time.This one-stop solution is designed with the marketer in mind and stands poised to revolutionize the way brands use product catalogs to maximum effect.

Note: if you are interested in joining one of the active pilots, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Adapt Flexibly with Our Extensible and Composable Platform

A powerful marketing engine needs to support the goals of providing better, more relevant content to customers with even less effort. We’re all working smarter and with leaner teams, so we’re improving our platform to be a true partner in helping brands achieve more with less. To this end, we’re delighted to introduce several key solution connectors and pre-built marketing tactics to streamline workflows and accelerate time to value. In addition, the APIs and data extensibility improvements included in this update will help companies make the most out of data.

1. Additional Partner Tactics for Mention Me

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to bring in new business. That’s where our partner, Mention Me, truly shines. To help brands cultivate brand advocates and activate digital word-of-mouth, we are thrilled to introduce additional Tactics for Mention Me. 

These brand-new Tactics from our Mention Me help re-engage inactive or defecting customers while identifying and nurturing potential brand advocates, including Tactics such as “Engage dormant brand advocates” and “Drive value from existing advocates.” It’s a powerful solution that can help drive acquisition and revenue without increasing advertising cost, so it’s a great new embedded tool for any marketing toolkit.

2. Utilities Industry Tactics

We’ve designed a set of powerful and useful Tactics for our customers in the Utilities industry, such as energy companies. Our Welcome Utilities Tactic helps utilities users create an efficient onboarding flow for customers. It assists in giving crucial service-related information, which, in turn, may help create a smooth start to a long-term relationship. Additionally, Tactics used for letting customers know about planned power outages, and allowing for contract renewals, paperless communications sign-up, and promoting a “dual fuel’ opportunity (communicating with electricity clients about potential gas service, for example) are all new with this update. Additionally, the customer win-back Tactic allows Utilities to contact and win back customers who have triggered a supplier switch. This robust set of Tactics make for a powerful set of tools for the Utilities industry.

3. Open Data: Enhanced Data Availability

Through Open Data, data generated or enriched by Emarsys can be used in third-party reporting tools, data warehouses, BI tools, or other external systems to unlock greater insights that facilitate smarter decision making downstream.

To further empower marketers, we’ve extended our cloud data availability in Open Data. We can now offer additional Emarsys datasets – including Smart Insight, Revenue Attribution, and Mobile Wallet – for easy access and use to improve marketing and business processes, such as resource planning and budgeting.

4. Bulk Response Summary API Endpoint

There’s no reason that making engagement data available to internal systems should be cumbersome, and with this update, it’s smoother than ever. With this release, we’ve developed a bulk response summary API endpoint for the email channel. This allows brands to enjoy a more efficient method of pulling summaries of campaign responses. Save time and resources while pulling in that ever-critical engagement data to help drive performance attribution and measure against business goals and KPIs.

Execute Enterprise-Grade Omnichannel Marketing with Cloud Scale

At Emarsys, we’re known for our ability to improve the marketing of businesses large and small. The Emarsys platform continues to grow, serving more customers and becoming a trusted partner to some of the largest global brands. To that end, Emarsys strives to preserve the user-friendly and intuitive nature of the platform while supporting the more complex requirements of multi-brand, global enterprises, as well as ensure the reliability and availability of the platform through scalable cloud operations and services.  

1. Cloud-based Batch Contact Segments and Upgraded Relational Data Processing

In order to scale and grow, it’s important to streamline processes and always have an eye on improving performance and speed. That’s why this update ensures that contact-based segments that run in batches are now executed on cloud services for all customers. This approach to executing segmentation in the cloud has already resulted in scalability and reliability improvements, such as up to 6x faster segment processing speeds, giving users the capacity to do things faster and better.

When prioritizing what features to introduce and upgrade, speed and functionality are two of the top criteria. To that end, the upgrade to the Relational Data system to a faster, cloud-based platform has sped up customer data matching by 90%. This improvement will make campaign executions faster and more accurate, handling extensive data loads while avoiding timeouts.

2. Enhanced Asset Distribution for Clients with Multiple Business Units

This new release includes upgraded asset distribution functionality for clients with multiple business units, making it more secure. The new cloud-based admin assignments allow for campaigns and programs to be distributed only by authorized users to their designated accounts, keeping processes smooth and well-organized.

3. Polish Language User Interface

Our clients are increasingly global, and we’re over the moon about it. We’ve introduced Polish language support to our user interface, joining Spanish, German, French, Czech, Japanese, Mandarin, and several others. This makes SAP Emarsys more user-friendly and welcoming to our diverse clientele. Watch this space as we continue to roll out features to support our worldwide expansion.

More Is on the Way!

At SAP Emarsys, the main goal is to give marketers the best omnichannel customer engagement solution available. The February Release 2024 continues Emarsys’ pursuit of constant innovation. But there’s always more to do! The roadmap is filled with new features, enhancements, and innovations, and our engineers are always hard at work growing the platform. Be sure to stay tuned to our Emarsys Product Release hub for information about upcoming releases. There are also informative videos and resources, plus opportunities to get involved with our user community.