Revolution 2020 is just around the corner! To ensure you get the most out of your conference, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you prepare for your time in London.

1. Turn on push notifications

This app is your lifeline to the Revolution event! Turn on notifications to make sure you get important updates about the conference.

2. Build your schedule now

Get a head start on planning out your agenda in the app so you can focus on the content at the event.

3. Check out the venue map

Make your arrival stress free by familiarizing yourself with the conference layout.

4. Follow the hashtag #EmarsysRevolution

Get an early start on your network by following the hashtag. See who else is posting about Emarsys Revolution and start connecting with other attendees prior to the event.

5. Pack your business cards

Speaking of networking… you’ll be surrounding by marketers from all around the world. Make staying connected with your new (amazing) contacts easy by having plenty of business cards available.

We can’t wait to see you in London!